Animal Kingdom (S03E05) “Prey”

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Wowzah! What an episode. As we say Bye, Bye, Bye to __________! (Finally, J you have woken up!) We now know who Mia is working for… Deran (Jake Weary) has a new lover? Lena is just like her father, Pope. (Shawn Hastosy). How sweet it is that Nicki finally saw the light! She no longer wanted to be Alice from the “Brady Bunch” to J and his uncles. What did two Cody’s do you ask? How about scrapping the bowels of hell? Read on…

Peep-shows and Pope.
What a way to begin the episode. Peep-show by Frankie for Pope. As we recall from last week’s episode, Frankie trying to entice Pope. What’s her deal? Don’t trust her Pope! I honestly can say, that Deran is not happy to reunite with his father at all. If anything, Smurf (Ellen Barkin) has been both parents to him all his life. This sudden reunion reeks of a hidden agenda. AND, you are not pulling the wool over Pope’s eyes, because Billy (Denis Leary) is still the same jerk o** he remembers.
“You know the best thing about this pool, Pope? You don’t have to take a shower.” – Billy
(Meanwhile, Billy was balls**s naked. Pope was not impressed at all. AND, yes, his daughter, Lena (Aayma Keroles) comes to this house! So, you better be fully dressed.)
At the same time, Deran was back at his bar, having sex with his new paramour, Lync. (What happened to Deran and Adrian???) For now, they would not be an item. Deran, is just not that into him, yet.

You can run, you can hide, and you can’t escape my obsession.
Who would’ve have thought this day would finally come? Shout it out from the rooftops! PRAISE THE LAWD. Nicki (Molly Gordon) finally caught a clue. J, (Finn Cole) you are free at last. Nicki offers up a weak apology to J for sleeping with the Marine. (Again, she is not J’s soulmate by any means.) Girl, if you only knew he was sleeping with Mia… (Sovhi Rodriguez). Who was still crashing at the house! Speaking of Mia, her and Pope (Shawn Hatosy) met up. He offered her a ride to work. Where he laid down the law about the house. AND the fact, that he “wanted her to find a new place to live.” Oh, yes sir he did.  #TeamPope

Smurf: needs to get out of jail yesterday.
We all know Smurf (Ellen Barkin) was framed. What does a Lady Boss have to do to get out of jail? Things are escalating and fast. I’m afraid someone is going to end up dead. We need the matriarch of the Cody family come home and straighten out the family business. AND her sons while she’s at it. #FreeSmurf

The Billy problem.
If anyone thinks he’s not there for ill-gotten gains, guess again. Billy (Denis Leary) is going to be a HUGE PROBLEM. Why do you think Smurf carried on the way she did? “GET HIM OUT, GET HIM OUT OF MY HOUSE!” – Smurf tells J. (Finn Cole) (Remember this scene?) Pope on the other hand, is very attuned to his surroundings and is very wise. He’s onto something. Pope will be watching Billy and Mia closely. Pope watched Billy and Nicki when they were talking also. It would be so messed up if Nicki OD’s on heroin because Billy introduced her to it. As much as I’m not a fan of hers, she certainly doesn’t deserve that. Can you imagine how upset J will be? The same drug that killed his mother, kills his girlfriend too? The irony. Let’s also hope that Nicki didn’t pull another Mia. You know… “Telling her business to people she doesn’t even know, (cough) Billy.”  They were awfully chatty. What I mean by that is, all the jobs the Cody brothers did. Questions I have: Was Mia a plant put in the Cody house by someone? You think it was Smurf? (Ellen Barkin). Important point, Smurf feels more comfortable with someone like herself running things. OR, could it be that she has a tail on both Billy and Mia? Smurf is no fool and knows everything that is going on even behind bars. The hint that keeps going off in my head: When Smurf was paying the Trujillo’s money. Remember? Funny thing is when Pope went to the jail to visit Tina Trujillo. She gave him a warning: “If she is there. You best be watching out. That chica is dangerous.”

J and Deran: How low can you go?
This shocked me. Again, this is “Animal Kingdom”, I should have expected this. Could it be because it was J and Deran? Possibly. J paid a visit earlier to Smurf. Where she told him to do a few things: “Pay Carter, Evict Billy, and you my friend need to be aware of your surroundings when collecting rents.” J told Smurf He was doing his job and being careful. Smurf said, “Not careful enough!” (You never tell BOSS LADY how to run her business, J.) It was J’s job to make sure all the rental tenants understood their agreements. OR out they would go. So, he discussed it with his Uncle Deran. His solution: “You wanna shoot her.” What do they do? J and Deran drive Mrs. F. and her cat. Btw, Mrs. F has dementia. They drive off somewhere and leave her off on a bench and leave her there?! What in fresh hell is this, J and Deran. I am so disappointed in you. Guys, you couldn’t fork up the rest of the rent money, so she could stay in her apartment?

What did I tell you!
Deran and J return a little bit later. They find a despondent Nicki and Billy shooting up heroin! J looked so disgusted. She asked him to join in? Thank Sweet Jesus for Pope. He has his own problems, but he is so loyal. I don’t want Smurf to die in jail. She’s family.” Pope says “If I want her dead. I’ll do it myself.” (DAMN STRAIGHT BROTHER!) J. gets a call from Smurf which he declines. IF you could have seen this look that Billy and Mia exchanged… (What did I tell you!) It sure makes me think they are somehow involved in something and it’s not good…

Animal Kingdom (S03E05) Prey Random Musings:
• How long until Nicki ends her Swan Song? (Soon, I am presuming).
• I feel for Pope being a Dad. Lena cutting a little girl’s hair a school? She is Daddy’s little girl. It’s not easy.
• I am mad and disgusted with J and Deran. They couldn’t drop Mrs. F off at a nursing home or hospital?
• Craig needs to get his act together. I do love him though.

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