The Bold Type S02E04 “OMG”

This week’s episode was so great to watch, I could literally rewatch it again right now! I got the impression that actors playing main roles are making big progress when it comes to acting. Huge congratulations for Katie Stevens for that one! I’m proud she got an opportunity to spread her wings in this TV show. There were moments in this episode she truly gave her everything and it was a pleasure to see. But let’s get to the details!

Jane started her romantic relationship with extremely hot & a little shy doctor Ben. He’s a good guy, that’s for sure. They met for a lunch and he was funny, they connected, they laughed, they flirted. He was funny in his own cute way. Almost everything was perfect, beside the one thing that bothered Jane: his faith for God. She struggled a little with that fact, mostly because she had some bad memories about her mum passing away. At the end of the episode, she opened about it to Ben and he understood it. They took they relationship further, as she named it, if you know what I mean. And I’m really rooting for them! He is cute, he’s worth of trust, he is solid and he knows exactly what he wants. That’s everything she deserve to have in man. But in the meantime Jane bumped into Ryan and that made everything a little more complicated. You can’t hide that the two of them still feels something for each other. The way they talk, I think they are aware that there is still something between them. They kinda play with each other in the game that only they can continue and somehow they look like they match themselves after all. I got a feeling it’s not the end between them. Something is gonna change and I think sooner or later Ryan will realize that Jane means sth more to him. It was fun to watch them together as badass partners in crime looking for scandalous gossip in the club to write a story about. And I look forward to see how their story will develop in next episodes. As you can see, I’m not sure who do I ship more right now, Janestripe or Jen. I just want them both, can I please have it?

Sutton got a little blindsided by a career and connections in fashion world. She started to party with Booke, the influencer met in Scarlet. She licked her boot’s almost whole episode. She couldn’t say no when it took to pay for cocaine with Scarlet credit card. I don’t like her being submissive. She lost her assertivity along the way. She wanna succed so much that she already lost her chance to love and now she’s messing up another things. I have to admit I really liked her personality in this season and now I’m very confused. The fact she’s still assistant to Oliver and Kat is a department head means nothing. She shouldn’t compare herself to anyone, especially to a friend. Isn’t this show about that? Not looking at others, focusing on yourself, self-love and acceptance? Not so long ago Sutton dreamed about the position she has now and what has changed? Why it is not enough for her? All of a sudden she wants more and more forgetting to be grateful for what she already achieved. Better don’t take your job for granted the way Jane did, because you might lose it chasing something else.

If it’s about Kat, she got really jealous about Adena in this episode. She had a chance to see how Adena’s life looked before her and it completely worried her. She felt insecure and she did some dumb things because of the jealousy. There were some problems with communications too, they both couldn’t say exactly what they meant. Kat couldn’t aks Adena straight about her past relationships and Adena couldn’t confess why she was so scared to ever answer that. Fortunately, Adena got her courage to admit she loves Kat and she sacrifices for their relationships. And she told Kat she loves her! Their conversations became more mature and more honest this season. That’s what was missing before and now there’s a better chance that this relation may actually work.

I’m glad we saw few funny situations like Sutton making fun of Kat and the triangle she got in or Sutton recognizing that Kat cheeks are blushed and it’s not without a reason. But this time each of the girls handled her things alone without help from friends. Decisions all of them made in this episode were mostly personal and I’m not completely satisfied, I feel a little hunger for seeing them advising each other what to do and making their minds after honest conversations. Girls it’s time to hang out together and remind us how much you demand on yourself. l hope we get to see it in the following episode!

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