The 100 (S05E08) “How We Get To Peace”


Yes.. the 100 are doing right in this season.
I still have some critics about some characters and their participation in it, but lets talk about this episode in particular.
Not everything is what it looks like. When Murphy and Emori radioed Diyoza and asked to return Raven in exchange of McCrady, she said to kill him. Like WHAT? Isn’t one of your guys?
Seeing as this didn’t work. Murphy told McCready that Diyoza didn’t want to make a deal and just leave him to die. Guess we have another kind of alliance?
McCready and John came up with the idea to pretend to be their prisoners along with Emori, in order to infiltrate to the camp and free Raven and the others.

As you might remember Coronel Diyoza is actually expecting a child, a girl as she said to Kane. And as we know McCready is a unstable asset in her group, so taking him down wouldn’t be so bad after all. Is another problem she doesn’t have to deal with. Kane is surprised by this turn of events, but a part of him dreams about a future where all can live happily ever after. Gotta say, this two make quite a pairing, not romantically speaking of course, but the interaction between Kane and the Coronel allow us to see another side of her character, yes, she is a mass murderer terrorist, but she is a human after all, trying to survive and make a better world for her future little child. I like it when writers make us see this other side of the “bad guys”. It shows the complexity of one character. Kudos there to the writers.

So we are not really shocked, when Diyoza discovered that Abby found a cure, she ordered her to keep it quite for now. DAMN!
Another complex relationship, Raven and Abby finally reunite again after 6 years. What it comes to a shock and disappoiment to Raven was to find her “mother figure” sort of speak as a drug addict. Remember, Raven had an alcoholic mother who died because of it.
The good moment only lasted a few minutes after the reunion, soon Abby asked her to help her design some kind of machine that can cure the lung disies of the prisoners. Of course Raven refused at first but Abby insisted, she thought that maybe Dizoya threated Abby, but in reality she is only doing it for the pills. Once again Raven is betrayed by an addict and we get to see how something broke in our favourite mechanic thanks to the amazing acting of Lindsey Morgan.

Not only having that problem, Echo wants to kill Shaw, giving the fact the he is the only one who can operate the ship. If they take him down, they will detroy the biggest asset of the Eligius prisoners.
Again, Raven refuses, but later she knows that maybe this is the only way to end all this sh*** and save everyone. The only thing she asks Echo, is not to make Shaw suffer. Damn, this is getting harder by a minute.

Back in Polis and WonKru, Monty is trying to come up with ideas to save everyone and stop the possible deaths of this war. But the world doesn’t seem to agree with him.
Bellamy and Clarke came up with the idea, along with Indra, to kill Cooper and making look as an accident with the worms. So yeah, Cooper died, as coraletal damage. Too bad nobody was on her side. Let’s remember that Clarke actually wanted to take Octavia down and she made a deal with Diyoza. But Bellamy wouldn’t let that happen.

1003 - The 100 (S05E08) "How We Get To Peace"

Therefor Cooper, died and even tho it looked like “an accident” and Indra was able to kill the worms as part of the emergency protocol. Octavia knew better. Actually they weren’t planning on using the worms, they wanted to use their eggs. Ergo she knew that Cooper being there, wasn’t making any sense and figured it was Bellamy and Clarke’s idea.

1004 1 - The 100 (S05E08) "How We Get To Peace"
Octavia ordered to kill Clarke and warned Bellamy not to say something that might jeopardize him (somehow she still protects her brother).
The next scene, is one the most complex and heartbreaking of the Blake siblings. You can see Bellamy torn apart between trying to protect Clarke andalso trying to protect her sister from herself while “betraying her” in the process.

Bellamy says outloud: “My sister, my responsibility”. He still needs to take care of Octavia, because right now she is not herself, she is Blodreina, another ruthless and sadistic version. Six years in that bunker made this side of Octavia, maybe there’s still a chance to get back the old strong warrior who used to fight for justice.
Bell poisoned Octavia, making her sleep. This moment was really emotional. He remembers something when they were children and tells Octavia that he loves her and make sure she knows that.
So far I think one of the best episodes of the season, the new relantioships, the new turns of events and the complexity of the characters. Great combo!
Cant wait to see how this unfolds next Tuesday!