12 Monkeys (S04E08) Demons

With the discovery of the bell, Team Splinter heads into 1491 to ‘climb the steps, ring the bell’ in hopes that by bringing the two weapons together the Witness will fall. Each episode of the final season of 12 Monkeys gives us more and more answers to our questions. Since this is the final season, it isn’t surprising that they’re wrapping everything up. For better or for worse.

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Demons is an example of how truly incredible the set designers are for 12 Monkeys. Bringing a medieval land to life is difficult for any television show or film. It can be a problem to bring an air of authenticity to medieval landscapes. Adding a touch of mysticism gives the episode a genuine medieval feel. The score feels like it’s part of a medieval movie.

Demons is an impressive episode, both in design and events. The death of Deacon in a single bloody moment is brought home by the fact that there is no Splintering to save him. Olivia paradoxed the moment out of existence. This final mission to stop the Witness is in its final hours.