12 Monkeys (S04E09) One Minute More

One last chance to stop the virus from spreading. 12 Monkeys has returned to its main objective to stop the virus before it spreads throughout the entire world. Jennifer has scrawled symbols in yellow chalk that turn out to be coordinates for a machine. Cole and Cassie head into 2018 to try to stop the tall man from unleashing the plague at the JFK airport. This was the mission in the first season. It was a simple mission that became more complicated and now it’s come full circle.

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Death and loss on 12 Monkeys doesn’t feel like a cheap trick to manipulate the audience’s emotions. It feels organic to the situation. This is something the characters have to go through to reach the end. One Minute More is a heartbreaking episode filled with revelations about Cole’s mother and who Cole actually. Inching closer to the final two episodes of the series, each episode of 12 Monkeys is more emotionally draining than the last.