Champions (S01E09/10) “Opening Night”/”Deal or No Deal” Series Finale

maxresdefault - Champions (S01E09/10) "Opening Night"/"Deal or No Deal" Series Finale
Matthew and Vince

“Opening Night”

With opening night coming, Michael, who’s  not only is worried about his play, but also if him and Gregg are a match. Priya comes for the show but also hangs with Michael and helps him with what Vince can’t help. But she’s visiting for another reason, that’s to ask Vince if he’s okay for Michael to go back with her to Cleveland.

At first, he didn’t agree, but after watching her and Michael connect so well that he allowed it to happen. But when Michael hears about the news from the dean of the school, makes a counterpoint about the decision. But Priya lets Michael stay with Vince and Matthew.

Meanwhile, Matthew tries to be a bad guy when he tries to give each of the gym staff evaluation reviews. When he helps Dana, he gets her into the staff’s group chat, which didn’t go so well. But Dana changes with the help from Matthew and now everyone is on the group text chat, including Vince.

“Opening Night” was hilarious but also served some light heart moments between Vince and Matthew on the decision of Michael going back home. Both storylines were each as hilarious as the other, but I very much enjoyed the character development from Matthew. The writing was strong and the performances from the cast was as good as before. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

maxresdefault - Champions (S01E09/10) "Opening Night"/"Deal or No Deal" Series Finale
Vince meeting with old friend.

“Deal Or No Deal”

As Matthew finally graduates from high school, Vince gets an offer of a lifetime.

After Matthew graduated from high school, Vince has an idea of expanding the gym with a little help from his old high school friend. When Vince meets with him, the tables have turned when he gets an offer to be a manager for a St.Louis Cardinals minor league team.

Vince tells Michael about the offer, they agreed not to tell Matthew about it til after their dinner with Gregg. But that all went down hill when Gregg accidentally tells Matthew about it. Matthew gets upset with Vince and chases him to the gym. After getting separated by the staff, Vince tells everyone about the news and that he’s going.

Later on, Michael and Gregg seemed to have broken up, as Gregg is on a new show about family drama. But as Michael talks with Matthew about Vince, he just couldn’t forgive him. But a noise coming from Matthew’s room got their attention and Matthew shoots the intruder in the leg, that happens to be Vince.

At the hospital, Vince tells Matthew and Michael that he’s staying and they continued on to be a family that tries to order nachos from the hospital cafeteria.

This episode was funny, strong and seemed to be close to a finale as it would be if the show had ended. The relationship between Matthew and Vince seemed to be the real focus and the strongest storyline of the episode. The performance between Holm and Favreau was amazing along with Totah as well. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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UPDATE: As of Friday, TVLine has reported that NBC has officially cancelled Champions after it’s first season. I’m furious of the news. It didn’t get a lot of promotion time or a strong lead in with Will & Grace reruns. Champions is an amazing show, just like Timeless and Great News, and deserves another season. The show has a great ensemble cast, strong writing and character development.

But I’m hoping the show gets picked up. TVLine was told that Universal Television is shopping around to other outlets.

Let’s hope. Let’s hope.