Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger(s01e05) “Princeton Offense”

Princeton Offense was directed by Ry Russo-Young and written by Niceole R. Levy and Joe Pokaski.

This series is taking it’s time with the origins of it’s two lead characters. This episode sees Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) already tackling their issues head on. Tandy goes over the files she took from her mom’s boyfriends office after seeing him shot. Tyrone finally gets to talk to Detective O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) about Connors (J.D. Evermore). He wants Connors to face Justice, but O’Reilly tells him the case is closed.

Tandy visits Tyrone in school to tell him that she can finally control her powers. She also tells him she is looking into ROXXON employees that were connected to her father. Tyrone asks her how she was able to control it, and she tells him that it happened when she tried to kill herself.

Tyrone learns that ROXXON one of his mom’s clients and ask’s his mom about his brother’s friends. He unknowingly transports himself to a warehouse, that he later finds out his from one of his brother’s friends, Duane Porter (Dalon J. Holland).

Tandy wants to learn more about ROXXON employees and figures out about a gala hosted by ROXXON. She has an interview at an escort agency, and gets the job at the gala. At the gala she touches several of the employees so she can see there hopes, which is part of her powers. In every person’s hopes, she keeps seeing the same man, but she doesn’t know who.

Tyrone’s is playing a very important basketball match for his school. He struggles with his powers, because every time he touches the referee or another player, he sees their fears. He thinks that Tandy using a lot of her powers is making his go haywire.

In the locker rooms at halftime, Tyrone tries to control his powers, and transports himself to the ROXXON gala. Tandy finds out that the man is everyone’s hopes is Peter Scarborough (Wayne Pere). She figures, he is the man behind her fathers death. Trying to help Tyrone teleport back to the locker room Tandy pushes him off a ledge, hoping that putting him in harms way will trigger is powers. It  works, and Tyrone teleports back to his schools Lockers.

Tandy goes to Peter’s house, she pulls out her daggers to try and kill him, but changes her mind. She touches him in the back of the neck, she has a vision of him gathering money in the water and off dead bodies after a rig explosion.

Tyrone teleports back to Duane’s business, and sees Connors there, talking to him. He learns that, the business is all a front for drug trafficking. Tandy finds an article written by a biologist, and the episode finishes with the same biologist filming a commercial for ROXXON.

During the episode The relationship between Tyrone and Evita (Noelle Rene Bercy) takes a step forward as they have sex for the first time. And Detective O’Reilly gains Connors trust, using drugs.

Final Thoughts

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is being a slow burn, but a slow burn I feel will pay off, in a fantastic way. Subplots are coming together, because in the end those two characters are connected to the same thing that gave them their powers.

This episode, however wasn’t as impactful as the last one. But it was necessary, because it moved the plot of the season along, smoothly. The performances by the two lead actors continues being very good. And it’s good seeing their friendship and their trust in each other slowly grow.

Rating: 7/10