Animal Kingdom (S03E06) “Broke from the Box”

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It was directed by Terry S. Murphy. Produced by Nina Russo. Congratulations on getting a 4th season!
Let’s get started, shall we?

Billy, why don’t you lose my number.
Ever since Billy (Denis Leary) came to town he’s been trouble with a capital “T”. I understand why Smurf (Ellen Barkin) feels the way she does about him. Certainly, why she wants him no where near her family. He’s a bad influence. Billy is trying to get Deran (Jake Weary) to do jobs with him. These are jobs where you go to federal prison for life. No chance of parole. Deran changed his life around for the better. Why would you want to take a risk like this? Billy also left his stash of drugs out for Nicki (Molly Gordon) to find. Billy knows she cannot resist temptation and would do them. Why hasn’t anyone gotten him out of the house yet? With the events of last night unfolding to a certain person, will this be the final straw?

Word around town, Cody’s are a target.
“Now you are worried about the Wolves?” – Deran tells Craig
I must admit at first, at first I was a bit skeptical. “I said a turf war over surfboards?” Then Craig (Ben Roboson) ran over a Wolves surfboard at the beach. (In retaliation for hurting a young kid.) They have this showdown at the beach, Deran, Craig and a friend vs. these guys. (Cody’s rule here!) Craig didn’t like that some wannabe gang was moving in on their turf. He arranges a family meeting. Craig fills his brothers in on the smack talk on the street being said about them:
“The Cody’s are weak and distracted.” – Craig
They form a plan. The brothers plan on going in big to Wolves drug spot. They plan on robbing them and letting them know who’s still in charge. They carry off they job with success! Deran speaks to his brothers about the “Weed Dispensary” job. All the money they can make off it. (“I feel a Bad Moon Rising. I feel trouble on the way.” His name is Billy!)

Fatal Attraction: My name is Mia Trujillo.
“I don’t think we should hook up anymore.” – J tells Mia
Why is Mia keeping tabs on J’s whereabouts? Anyone normal would say: this guy wants nothing to do with me on a romantic/sexual tip. Just collect your money and go. This Mia Trujillo (Sovhi Rodriguez) we are talking about though. You don’t tell her anything. She tells you. What happens next shouldn’t shock us, but I am sure it did J.
“Whatever happens to her (Nicki) – is on you.” – Mia tells J
It can be taken into context in a few ways. 1. Mia is going to take care of business and rid the competition. 2. Something bad will happen to Nicki being involved in a world she doesn’t belong in. We remember the story Mia told Nicki the “Little Mermaid” analogy. I tend to believe Mia is more involved with J then is leading people to believe. He is her property. No one can have him now. So, be prepared for “Alex Forrester” and a boiling bunnies moment, I jest. Something along those lines…

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Smurf has 99 problems and her kids are just 1.

“Evidentiary hearing has been set for Friday morning at 8 a.m. The bullet in Javier Cano was post mortem. They have a witness.” Detective Goodwin tells Smurf
This obviously infuriates Smurf. No one else was there. How could there be a witness? Smurf then texts J.
“Get here NOW.” Smurf
J arrives. Smurf wants J to go to Mexico, to the place where she stashed her money. Get and bring it back up here. She needs it. Smurf must pay off someone else now for protection in jail. Tina is being released. J is leery to go back. I don’t blame him one bit. Remember what happened last time?

Child Protection Services come to visit Pope (Shawn Hatosy). They ask questions to Lena (Aamya Keroles) and Pope. They are visiting the living situation. Honestly, Lena couldn’t be with a better person. As much as Pope deals with his own issues, he loves Lena unconditionally. He takes care of her better than Baz ever did. RIP Baz. We all know it’s true though. Pope would do anything for Lena. He proves it time and time again.
Why does J always get involved with girls who are so troubled? He is discussing Smurf to Nicki of all people. “How your always obligated to her.” He must go to Mexico to see if those guys are still there. Nicki has a (Dim Lightbulb moment). How they can take the rest of Smurf’s money from her accounts… Just NO.
Craig finds out about the Wolves, they have a steady flow of cocaine flowing up from Brazil.
Smurf gets a threat that her and her boys are being watched. “So, I am watching you now, make sure your boys pay up.” – Another Trujillo relative?
“It’s not my fault your family doesn’t want you around.” – J tells Nicki
Billy is nothing but trouble. Nicki uses his stash to get high on. She shoots herself in the leg with a gun. (What an asshole thing to do.) J pulls up to the house see Nicki lying there bleeding out on the ground in the driveway. What does she say on the way to the hospital?
“Promise me, don’t let me die, I love you.” Nicki to J

Animal Kingdom (S03E06) Broke from the Box Random Musings:
• Billy and this job, I think someone will go to jail because of it. Guys don’t do it. (Listen, to your gut.)
• Nicki, will she live or die from a hemorrhage? (50/50, a wake-up call? NO.)
• How big of a problem will the Wolves really be? (I say BIG.)
• When does Smurf get out of jail? Better be soon! Tired of waiting! #FreeSmurf

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