Petition: Six on History – (#SaveSix) [Renewal Campaign]

Petition: Save Six on History

Navy SEAL Team Six attempt to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan when they discover an American citizen working with the enemy. – IMDB

Capture 1024x369 - Petition: Six on History - (#SaveSix) [Renewal Campaign]
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The petition made by @TomLangevin13 includes the statement:

The show on History is not only a thrilling action drama, but also is an important media outlet to highlight the struggle many members of the Armed Forces go through in combating PTSD. This show brings to light the burden service members carry in the conflict between dedication to family vs. the loyalty to team. The loyal fan base that has been hooked since Season 1, this is your chance to save the show that has you tuning in every week! Bring it back for Season 3!

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