The Bold Type S02E05 “Stride Of Pride”


OMG what was that! I mean everything was so intense this week, I’m full of emotions and I don’t even know if I’m able to describe how I feel right now. The Bold Type is getting better with every episode, I would never imagine it will became this great. I’m shaking from not knowing what will happen next week and I’m still processing things from this one.

As you know, Jane is still tiny, still unemployed and still moving things further with the hottest dr in NY city. The last one is making my heart warmer every time I think about it. The opening shows her with Ben, being extremely happy together and as I observe they really have chance to build something great, to develop some kinda relationship that is stable and serves for both of them. They seem to not only have fun but also starts having feelings for each other. And that is awesome! In the meantime Jane bumps into Ryan AGAIN. And don’t blame me for that, don’t call me a hypocrite but I sorta like that fact he is still present in her life. Somehow I have a feeling they gets each other, they communicate without words, but they communicate with words like no one else too. They care and wish each other all the best. Ryan told Jane about the free spot in Yes Girl magazine and I think it wasn’t acquaintance that he showed himself in the café where Jane sat. I think he did that on purpose just to tell her about job she would be perfect for. I also love the momma-daddy thing they use to joke together. I’m watching these two with pleasure, especially when they tease each other – they’re so adorable! But changing the subject, I’m kinda sad Jane didn’t get a job at Yes Girl. For the first time I actually thought she could find an amazing place other than Scarlet, where she would be a perfect fit. Working there would be an amazing experience for her and I personally loved that place. I had fun with Jane during this episode, she has an amazing personality! When she replaced Angie as a receptionist, the moment with dog yoga and WHAAAAT was sooo great! Her dialogues are wonderful, her outfits are even better. Jane stays my favourite The Bold Type girl forever! And I wanna see more Bane/Jen scenes like the one from the end of the episode!

So hot! I’m so jealous!
Moving to Sutton, who had a couple rough things going on lately. She met a man, she spend the night with him, he seemed ok. She turned her walk of shame into a stride of pride and that was fun. Of course she did that with a little help from her friends, but still, she was creative even in that situation. Everyting seemed fine, she brought Dylan for a karaoke, she planned to give him a chance, he even saved this karaoke with passing lyrics on his phone when the panel frozed and then… bum. His wife texted and Sutton saw that. It was bad, Sutton felt awful. She had no idea but still… she slept with a married man. She ruined something for someone, even if it wasn’t intentionally. But what’s more, she decided to find his wife and tell her about it. And she did. It was a little bit risky, she couldn’t know how this women will react. And Allison made Sutton realize that finding a good guy, the one that cares, that respects you isn’t something you should take for granted. It’s pretty simple dream on the outside but it’s hard to accomplish and when it comes true you should know how lucky you are that It did. You’re extremely lucky. All of that made her try to work things out with Richard. After he listened to Sutton about giving Kat time to bring Angie to the board meeting, it seemed he still fells something for her. Sutton had hope. She finally understood what she had lost. And then.. it turned out she was late. She saw Richard getting out of cab with some women and going straight to his apartment. At that moment not only her heart was broken, but mine was too. She turned and walked away so devastated and I can’t stop thinking about it. In my humble opinion Richard was a gentleman every woman wishes for before her sleep. I knew Sutton will realize that she’s made a mistake but I didn’t know she would see something that painful. A man she loves with another woman. I wouldn’t wish it for the worst enemy. I feel so sad for her. That’s a lesson for her, for sure, she had her chance.. but still, that’s a keen lesson. I hope to see them together eventually or I’m not gonna believe in anything anymore!

Time to discuss Kat’s life for a moment. We didn’t see her with Adena this time. Kat tried to find someone suitable for her staff and she found Angie who seemd to be the best from all the candidates. Except she didn’t go to college and the board didn’t allow Kat to hire her. Kat fought for this girl with help of Richard’s and girls’. And she managed it! I think this Angie looks like a compilation of young Kat and Adena. Am I the only one? This voice, she sounds like Adena 100%. And she has same interestings as Kat. She’s like the perfect mix of them. I consider that’s why Kat fought for her that much, she wanted to give this girl a chance in the place that girl would never imagine that she has one because of her race and origin. I’m glad Kat did something big again. But I wasn’t satisfied with her pretensions for Jane. She jumped at Jane with no reason. She is one of those who live thanks to privileges, thanks to her parents and she accused Jane of doing it. Jane is not a racist, she only felt bad about not getting the job she wanted and she deserved. She felt that some things were unfair and she had every right to feel that way or to admit that. Kat is all for the diversity and that’s ok. But her pretensions were fetched. She was selfish in that moment, she though only about herself and her colour. I didn’t like that. She showed a lack of compassion saying ‘you’re gonna be fine Jane’. I’m disappointed. But at the end they made it all out and drank some cheap wine Jane brought. And I think that’s a common solution for every problem, I know I’m practicing in, and what about you guys? Oh, let’s not forget that cliffhanger dream Kat had about Leila. I really thought Kat is cheating on Adena. That looks really bad, Kat probably don’t know what she truly wants yet. She is unsure and there is gonna be a problem there, for sure. And I have a feeling will see it in the following episode already.

I love that these show is all about friendship. The episode starts and ends with girls helping each other, being there when there’s some girl emergency. That’s the basis of The Bold Type. Support. It’s not much but it’s everything. Don’t ever forget that. I think that is exactly what The Bold Type is about. Helping each other out. I’m glad we saw that much of their together scenes. I had really fun during the karaoke scene or when they were running with help to Sutton when she overslept at the hotel room. And the banana drinks were great too, have to admit that! I’d have one right now! Someone please text me the recipe? And I will text you all next week with the new review!