12 Monkeys (S04E10) The Beginning Part 1

The end is nigh for the final season of 12 Monkeys. Through four seasons, we’ve watched Team Splinter try to stop the Witness from destroying the world. In last week’s episode One Minute More, there were two reveals that stuck out. Hannah is Cole’s mother and Cole must be erased from history in order to stop the Witness. The Primaries created a weapon to erase Cole’s entire existence. Cassie and Jennifer are practically destroyed by the idea, while Jones takes the news in stride. Her entire aim has been to save the past, present, and future. As with most every mission in 12 Monkeys, there’s an unexpected problem and Cole and Cassie try to solve it before the final hour.

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            During every season, as friends and enemies fall, there’s one question: if time is altered and they save the world, none of what happens in 12 Monkeys will have happened at all for the people in that time line. If Cole is erased, will anyone remember him? If he’s gone from the universe completely, Cassie won’t have known him. Deacon, Jennifer, Jones, Hannah. No one will have gotten the chance to get to know Cole or even remember that he exists. If that’s true then the emotional toll seeing him erased will have on everyone, won’t even exist.

Who would have thought time travel was this complicated?