12 Monkeys (S04E11) The Beginning Part 2

We’ve arrived at the final episode of 12 Monkeys. Throughout this final season, all of our questions have been answered as the story has come full circle. Not every show is lucky enough to get to complete the journey it started. All of the clues Team Splinter received, all of the people they met to help them get to the final moment, all lead to this.

As the song Don’t You (forget about me) by Simple Minds plays over the intercom of Titan, old allies show up to help Team Splinter destroy Olivia and stop her from destroying the world. It’s a rare moment of triumph. Since this is the last episode of 12 Monkeys, it brings a smile to your face even in a grim situation.

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12 Monkeys has always been excellent at making the emotions in the show genuine rather than a ploy for ratings. This final episode is the perfect example of that. Cassie has a lapse in judgement, wanting to stay with Cole forever rather than stop Titan. Cole knows that if something goes on forever, it makes it less special. Endings are what makes relationships and life worth living. With each passing moment you know it will be over so the moments mean more.

It’s an apt description of the show ending. If something never ends, does it really mean anything?

After Cole Splinters himself out of existence, it flashes to year 2013 and, as it turns out, Cassie remembers him after all. She remembers Jennifer and everyone, but they don’t remember her. It’s a painful thought, but Cassie seems to be alright with it. She remembers the family she had in 2043 and she remembers that they saved 7 billion.

In the final scene, we see Cole standing on a beach at sunset. It’s something that was flashed to in a previous episode. He meets Jennifer on that beach where she tells him Jones scrubbed him from the timeline, but made sure that it spit him out somewhere else. Cole is alive and despite everything he and Cassie get their happily ever now.