DC Comics: Batman (Issue 50)

Alright comic readers, we got a great issue here for all of you! As I promised to my readers I would review this issue because it’s a serious deal! More of a serious deal than those royal family peoples getting married; Batman gets married, yes you heard it right, Batman the one hero/vigilante that we all thought would never get married and just be bruting in his bat cave for all eternity, finally gets married to Catwoman. Lets get to the review!

So for those who have been following Batman comics since they were a kid like me, you know the whole story of how Batman became Batman; but I bet all of you are as shocked as me to hear this news that Batman has finally chosen to have happiness. Yes I know there’s still that one time when he did have happiness with the Phantasm/Andrea Beaumont, but that technically doesn’t count. Cause no matter what, Batman/Bruce Wayne has always found happiness, love, lust, hell all the above with well many women, but the number one has always been Catwoman/Selina Kyle. And now he can finally put a ring on that woman; but will she say yes or will she just pull his chain and then run away because it’s too much change? Well if you really want to find out, you need to read the issue, but I will give you all a hint they married secretly on a rooftop!

I have to be honest the author, Tom King has done a great job with this version of the Batman Rebirth comics, I’ve tried following his work for the whole rebirth series but sometimes it gets hard. I think what draws me into Tom King’s work for Batman comics is the well thought out and well written stories that he gives us from start to finish it’s always a must read comic issue with him. I also like the way how Tom King always gives the readers classic Batman and classic Bruce Wayne. With a story like this one you know people are either going to love Tom King or not love him, but I’m one of those people that love his work and love this comic!

The entire issue goes deep into how Catwoman and Batman want to have the wedding, and I like that they both chose the rooftops because it’s the one place that Batman and Catwoman always seem to meet up in any Batman story. But you also see Catwoman having doubts but also asks the big question is she a hero? I mean look at Catwoman’s dealings in all these comic book issues throughout the years it’s easy to say that yes she was a villain, but ever since she met Batman she has chosen to become a anti-hero in the most parts. Yes the ending of the comic leaves some confused but I think I understand it but I also don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who is really wanting to read this issue.

For those that are really interested in reading this issue it’s now out at your local comic book stores, but for how long? Better hurry up cause this issue is going, going, going, gone baby! Like seriously, my comic book store near me only had two issues left and I was lucky to get one of them and buy it!

Batman (issue 50) is now out at your local comic book or book store.

Next Issue: DC Comics: Batman (issue 51) will be released to comic book and book stores July 18, 2018!