Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (S01E06) “Funhouse Mirrors”

Funhouse mirrors is directed by Jennifer Phang and written by J.Holtham and Jenny Klein.

The episode starts as Evita (Noelle Rene Bercy) is with her aunt, who’s about to do a reading, for the future of New Orleans. Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) wants to know more about Duane (Dalon J. Holland) and his business. He asks for a job, but Duane turns him down.  Tyrone follows one of Duanes dealers, who finds him and points a gun at him, but lets him go. Tandy (Olivia Holt) cons her way into being Mina Hess’ (Ally Maki) intern, to find out about her father’s death and how ROXXON was involved.

Tyrone goes to Tandy’s church and tells her what happened to him. He also tells her he plans to get in Duane’s operation to take down the cop that killed his brother. Tandy tells him to use his powers of seeing someone’s fear, to scare one of this dealers, that way there’s an opening in Duane’s operation.

Tandy meets Mina, she insists on asking Mina about her dad, who worked together with hers. Mina isn’t very open about it, but Tandy gets to know more of Mina and her passions. She sees a life she could’ve had if her father didn’t pass away.

Connors (J. D. Evermore) and O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) run into Duane’s dealers and chase them. Connors runs into one of them, and tells him to tell Duane, they need to talk. After putting on a show for O’Reilly, he lets the dealer go. Evita and her aunt learn more about Ty, they learn he is part of a legend called ‘The Divine Pair’.

Tandy and Mina are trying to fix a pipe, and Tandy finds out that it’s in the wrong place. Mina confronts one of the supervisors, Stan (Preston Vanderslice) as he says that the small difference in locations doesn’t matter. Mina says the pipe almost burst because of too much pressure, and report it to Scarborough. One of Duane’s dealers is running away from Connors with a bag drugs. Tyrone finds him and takes the bag, but the dealer tries to take it bad, Tyrone touches him and shows him his worse fear, before he runs away.

Tyrone takes the bag back to Duane, as he insist on becoming one of his dealers. Duane decides to give him a job, but on a trial basis. . Tandy insists on asking Mina about her dad, but Mina confronts her. She puts the pieces together, and finds out Tandy is the daughter of Nathan Bowen. Evita’s aunt finds out that one of the pair, in the legend, will die.

Mina visits her dad in the hospital, he is in a kind of vegetable stage. Tandy shows up at the hospital, and sees his state for herself. Tandy asks to speak to him, he can’t talk, but she touches him, to see his dreams.

Tyrone has a very heartfelt conversation with Duane, Duane tells him he was there the night his brother died. Duane insists that he is only trying to survive, but Tyrone tells him Connors has him in his pocket and that everyday Duane kills his brother all over again. Connors goes to meet with Duane with O’Reilly, he tells her, to wait 5 minutes before going in. Duane tells Tyrone to leave from the back, but he doesn’t and just hides.

Connors tricks Duane into holding a gun, and tells him he has to kill the officer who’s about to go in. As O’Reilly  gets in the warehouse, Duane points a gun at her and O’Reilly shoots him. Tyrone screams for his friend, but Connors ears it, and chases him. Connors tries to shoot him, but after the third try, Tyrone finally manages to teleport. The episode ends with Tyrone in the church, he breaks down crying, as Tandy approaches him to find out what happened.


Final Thoughts

This episode was not filler for sure, but the pacing made it feel like a filler episode. It was the slowest episode yet, Evita’s scene with her aunt were simply used for exposition, and even though the end paid off, the build up could have been done better. Tandy and Mina’s scene felt unnatural and quite forced.

The highlight of the episode, besides Duane’s death, was when Tyrone tells Duane “everyday you kill my brother all over again.” Aubrey Joseph is really revelation this year. Every single line that comes from him seems genuine.

The episode was a necessary jump, with new information that we needed for the story to go forward.  However, the episode was poorly executed in my point of view.

Rating: 5/10