Animal Kingdom (S03E07) “Low Man”

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Words cannot express all the feelings I have about last night’s episode. It was written by Eliza Clark. Directed by Cherie Nowlan.

Paul, you have a lot of nerve!
For anyone who’s forgotten who Paul (C. Thomas Howell) is, he’s Nicki’s (Molly J. Gordon) Dad. A real grade A douchebag. Man, you should practice what you preach. Remember the “Camp Pendleton” job? Ring a bell? You were complicit. Don’t ever forget it. He has the nerve to tell J. (Finn Cole):
“Piece of shit kid, living in the projects with a junkie mother.” – Paul tells J.
Don’t think this won’t come back and literally bite Paul in his derriere sooner or later. He lets Nicki live there. Dad let his daughter live freely. Where she had sex with multiple partners and did copious amounts of drugs. So, give it a break, Paul. Go back to Guam.

This job is nothing but bad news.
“There gotta be 600k on that plane, sure you want to walk away from this?” Deran asks Pope
You know when you get a bad vibe about something? Right now, Pope (Shawn Hatosy) is getting that vibe loud and clear. It seems that Deran (Jake Weary) and Craig (Ben Roboson) are cool with this. J is siding with Pope on this one. Can you blame him honestly?
J is still recovering from the night before. He is covered in Nicki’s blood. Where he’s showering at home. This gives Billy time as he tries to talk him down to his son, Deran. What’s wrong with you, Deran? Family is stronger than this. J is your nephew and done jobs with you before. He is reliable and trustworthy. Billy comes out of nowhere and pretends to be your “loving father” who’s looking out for you. Remember who’s been there for you, man. It wasn’t him. Pope isn’t having any of it. Thank the lord for Pope!

Deran, Adrian and Clarke.
Just like that old flames return. Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark) Is in town visiting his sister because she is having a baby. Okay, fess up that isn’t the only reason, Adrian, boo you wanted to see Deran also. Plus, he knows about Clarke Lincoln. (AWKWARD.)
“I didn’t know Clarke Lincoln (Damon Erik Williams) was gay.” – Adrian tells Deran
You had to know that Adrian and Deran were far from over. They were getting very close on the couch. They started making out… One thing leads to another, you know how it goes…Later Linc and Adrian even have a chance meeting. Deran must have felt out-of-place. Yeah, that’s what happens man.

You would never would you, Smurf?
Can it be so simple?
“Go over you have to talk to the desk.” – Prison guard tells Smurf
We see the guards handing Smurf (Ellen Barkin) her clothing.
“Janine Cody, Congratulations, you’re going home.” (As millions of fans do a giant gasp around the world! Finally, Smurf, is FREE AT LAST!)
NO, tell me you won’t do it Smurf. You won’t rat on your boys. Detective Pearce (Gil Birmingham) is trying to make a deal with her. How many years she’ll do for what she’ll give in return.
“What do I get?” – Detective Pearce
“I do 3 years max. Donovan, preferably.” – Smurf
How interesting was it that Deran said “The only person she (Smurf) would ever roll on was Baz. He’s gone.” Who is going to jail. Now that Smurf is set free. No one that’s who…

Frankie and Craig: The Odd Couple.
Frankie (Dichen Lachman) thought it would be a great idea to examine Craig’s aura. Where Craig learns he is a follower, except in bed. (LOUD COUGH). Which curiously encourages Craig to ask this question, like any red-blooded male would do:
“What are you doing with Billy?” – Craig asks Frankie
“Billy is just my friend.” – Frankie tells Craig
Which then followed up with lots of making out by the two of them. Craig, man. What are you thinking? I ask again, why is he even there? Going around Oceanside with Frankie and Billy, popping locks and stealing wallets out of cars. You are no petty criminal. Craig, you do heists, or have you already forgotten who you are?

Sympathy for the Devil.
“Who does Smurf call when she wants something taken care of – me.” – Pope
Lucy (Carolina Guerra) argues that Smurf killed Baz (Scott Speedman) and you know it! Lucy, her brother and Pope go to this Mexican jail. There are a few guys there that have the truth on what happened to Baz. Or do they?
“Before I got picked up, they were talking about this woman who wanted a hit on her son. She was from Oceanside.” – Inmate tells Pope and Catherine
“Do you know why she wanted it?” Catherine asks him
“He stole her stuff.” – Inmate tells them

Honestly, I don’t like this whole set-up. I feel like Catherine is distracting Pope. I’m also afraid this is going to make Pope go crazy and do something horrible to someone.

J, I’d take that back.
“I’m the only one who gives a shit that you are in here. If I stop coming. You’ll die in here.” – J tells Smurf
J, piece of advice: “Never threaten Smurf. She is your elder and she’s your blood. Your family. And you always look out for your family.” Kid, you never know when Smurf could be released from prison, you’ll pay and pay you will DEARLY. No one defies the BOSS LADY, ever.
“You see this? This is what happens when you don’t answer my calls. You didn’t do what I asked you too.” – Smurf tells J
Smurf was beat up in prison all because J didn’t pay the protection money on time, or at all. Is this J flagrantly ignoring and unwillingly now not wanting to help her? (UGH, J you are making me mad.)

Mia and J: You’re Hot and You’re Cold. Which one is it?
They are starting to give me whiplash. Is Mia (Sovhi Rodriguez) a stalker? Or was I too quick to pass judgement. All I know is these two seem to come together when things are falling apart all around them. The same cannot be said for J and the other girl.
“What are you doing here? What did you do?” Mia asks J
The next thing we see is J and Mia making out in her garage on the couch. In times of chaos and calamity. J reaches out to his bad girl.

Smurf is FREE at last.
The next time Smurf met with Detective Pearce, he explained to her three years at Donovan wouldn’t cut her a deal. In fact, she would have to do 8 to 10 years — with real felony crimes on her sons. With that, Smurf broke into a Cheshire smile. It was as if he was offering her an eight-year vacation. His star witness was obviously as solid as a Fort Knox. In other words, no deal. Smurf would take her chances at her hearing the following day. The following day, Smurf found out the charges had indeed been dropped. Detective Pearce was waiting outside for her.
“Man, this has got to hurt.” – Smurf
He offered her a ride and even opened the door! (like a chauffeur would do.) Smurf went into the back seat.
How sweet it is. Free at last. Welcome back Boss Lady!

As the show is ending we see the guys getting ready to do the “weed heist”. I’m getting a bad feeling about this you?

Animal Kingdom (S03E07) Low Man Random Thoughts:
• Smurf didn’t rat on her sons. Detective Pearce is like a dog without a bone. He won’t give up…
• How long until Smurf teaches J a lesson in respect? (Next episode? YES)
• What do you think Pope will do when he sees Smurf again?
• Billy is going to get kicked out of Smurf’s house? Finally!
• Nicki survived her accidental shooting. Guam, her she comes.
• Lucy, her brother, the Trujillo’s all better be on guard. Pope is coming for you.

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