Reverie (S01E06) “Pas de Deux”

Reverie expands the horizons and brings a life-like experience to every user who enters the program. It is far too tempting to give up, especially when reality is less than ideal. The program has the potential to help countless lives, and Mara’s (Sarah Shahi) latest case is no different.

Shifting the focus on a former ballerina, Holly (Sally Pressman), who is paralyzed due to an unfortunate accident. The pull of Reverie proves to be too strong, she gets caught up in her former life and what could’ve been. As a viewer you can’t help but feel for her struggles, but what price is she willing to pay for her dreamscape?

Reveries01e063 - Reverie (S01E06) “Pas de Deux”
REVERIE — “Pas De Deux” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Shahi as Mara Kint, Sendhil Ramamurthy as Paul Hammond — (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

Mara get’s a surprise visit from her former partner and lover, Chris (Sam Jaeger). Who just so happens to be taking care of Holly’s psychiatric care. There is an undeniable friction between Mara and Chris, we are finally able to unravel bits and pieces of Mara’s checkered past. She’s not the only one running from her misery, which makes it easier for her to connect to the people she is trying to save.

The depths of the mind are unlimited, and each task set before Mara has its challenges. Reverie supplies a level of comfort that lulls people into a false sense of security. When outside forces interfere with that world, people are not always receptive to leaving their self-created safe spaces. Even when their own lives hang in the balance, there is always that internal struggle. Alexis (Jennifer Lu) refuses to let Holly die in Reverie. The program was designed to help people, not bring them to their death beds.

Time is always of the essence, especially when Holly’s life hangs in the balance. There are so many reasons to live, but something is pulling her back to her Reverie. An unborn child and a life that may never come to be keeps her despair in check, she has lost so much and doesn’t want to let go. Holly’s wake up call comes in the form of her sister’s hidden illness, now she’s ready to face the world.

Reveries01e062 - Reverie (S01E06) “Pas de Deux”
REVERIE — “Pas De Deux” Episode 106 — Pictured: Jessica Lu as Alexis Barrett — (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

In this episode Mara struggles with her past, but this case has helped her delve into painful memories. She can’t run anymore, but she needs to work through the horrific deaths of her loved ones on her own time. A confrontation with Chris has helped to ignite something inside her. The fire that went out when her sister’s life did. She’s ready to face her demons, starting with her very much alive brother-in-law.

This show is unraveling the life and times of its characters slowly, which keeps you captivate in the story. They don’t give you much to go on, only bits and pieces. I appreciate when a show is able to do that. I can’t wait to see what happens next. With only 4 episodes left, anything can happen.

It’s endearing how each team member seems to look out for one another as well. There is a sense of family and community within Onira-Tech, and something tells me they will need to be on a strong and united front with things to come.

You can catch a new episode of reverie wednesday, july 18 on nbc at 10/9c