The Bold Type (S02E06) “The Domino Effect”

Another episode that brought lots of emotions. It’s very important to discuss such difficult problems like sexual assault and The Bold Type actually does that. We’re so lucky that this idea finally got to people and we start to understand that some things needs to be said. Sometimes hiding is not the option. Sometimes we have to find our strength to come forward. Exactly the way Jacquelline did. I’m a little speechless.

This episode focus mostly on Jane, who has been nominated for the Mandy Award thanks to her piece about carrying the weight and about Jacqueline story. Jane struggled a little bit with the fact that she got to wrote a continuation of that story and she found out Jacquelline wasn’t the only one who got attacked by that particular person. Jane struggled whether or not she should tell Jacquelline, she was afraid that Jacquelline will feel guilty because of not coming forward sooner and that she’ll be wondering if she could have stopped this sooner. Jane turned out to be powerful and brave and she decided to tell Jacquelline. Deep down she knew she had to. And that was completely fair. Jacquelline accepted that information in her own way. Then suddenly Jane won. She spoke about how much she owe Jacquelline, that Jacquelline was not only an editor, she was always the perfect mentor. And that speech moved everyone. That speech made Jacquelline realize that Jane is ready to be back at Scarlet. And that she truly wants her back. And that’s exactly what happened. Jane was offered to start to work for Scarlet again! Soooo happy to see that! Knew this would come but… but it’s great to finally experience that!

Our beloved Sutton faced some issues in that episode too. Not only Oliver noticed she’s not taking care of herself lately, but he also asked her to prepare an outfit for Richard’s new girlfriend. During the last one she found out that girl is not some randomly met one, she’s the one Richard fell in love with at college and they connected after so long. And she started to be afraid he might wanna marry that girl. Although she acted like a pro, she did her best and she was kind to that girl. I’m impressed she gathered for it. That for sure required a lot of pain. But she’s strong. I’m glad she realized Brooke is not her friend and she needs to stop hanging out with her. Instead she decided to face the image of Richard and his new-not-so-new-girlfriend and get uncomfortable once again. And she did it all for Jane, for her true friend who needed support on that day. I think we got our Sutton back and she’s getting back on track! And if it’s about Richard, I can see that in his eyes he know Sutton is the one. You could see that when she entered the gala. I hope these two is gonna work things out. Suttard forever!

This time our Kat made some mistakes that caused her probably losing the girl she loves. She met with Leila and she kissed some girl on that party. She gathered to say Adena about that but she still messed things up. And we’re not sure what will that mean for them. It’s some kinda suspension for them, that’s for sure. I sorta get that she had to try things with someone different that Adena, but that’s not what you do to someone you love. And it’s not negotiable. You just don’t. Period. Maybe they need some time now. And they will find their way after.

I loved together scenes sooooo much! Starting with their breakfast and champagne and frittata and everything, to those honest talk on the bed. And Jane’s line ‘’It’s okay not to be okay Sutton’’. And their understanding. Their sacrificing. When they are ready to give up on what they want for themselves, for the other person. Jane telling girls she’d rather knew they were fine than see them at the event. And them deciding to go after all, despite everything. Running to be there and confessing they would regret not going. And their happiness in fashion closet at Scarlet’s when Jane got her job back! Just wonderful. That’s kind of support we could all use, isn’t it? I’ll leave you guys with that thought. See you next week!

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