Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

Hey everyone, so today we are reviewing a movie that helps us forget but also wonder why didn’t Ant-Man ever come to the Infinity War fun in the Avengers movie, well don’t worry people I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the movie yet. But one thing you can always count on for Peyton Reed is making an Ant-Man movie fun and humorous for all audiences to enjoy and not feel drained at the movie theaters; lets get to the review!

Okay, the film takes place two years after the events of Captain America: Civil War film, which is good because we finally get a film that helps bridge together Civil War and Infinity War together by having a film happening right in between of both, nice right? I thought it was nice; well during that time Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) is on house arrest forcing him to have to stay in his new apartment and having his daughter Cassie (Abby Fortson) come to visit every other week. With only two weeks left in Scott’s house arrest, nothing can go wrong am I right? Wrong, turns out Hank (Michael Douglas) and Hope (Evangeline Lilly) have been thinking that Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer) could still be alive! Like I said I wont spoil anything about the film, but as we all know by looking at the trailers, Scott ends up helping Hope and Hank with their problem by teaming up.

In this film I have to say it was nice to have another humorous film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I was really happy to see Hayley Lovitt in the role of Janet Van Dyne even if it was for a flashback kind of scene, but still it was really nice to see her in the role again, if they ever choose to do a Hank Pym spin-off movie based on his younger years as Ant-Man, I hope they bring Hayley Lovitt back as Janet then for the role a guy can hope right? Seeing this movie with the humor, the jokes, and even the great action sequences, it makes any Marvel movie fan happy to watch this film again and again.

Now lets get to the villains of the movie, so as we all know by the trailers the main villain is Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) now they did do a sex change to the character from the comics which is interesting but it was a good change though, because in the comics Ghost was created because of Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) arrogance which forced an employee to use his tech to destroy other tech with a suit that he called Ghost. The employee became Ghost and started terrorizing Iron Man and many other Avengers throughout many comics. Now in the film the story and origin is changed completely, and I approve of this change, as someone whose been a huge fan of the villain for a very long time. The change to Ghost was absolutely done phenomenally with something that has never been done before an absolute origin story and it also helps for people who don’t read comics to understand Ghost as well. I just hope that we do get the chance to see Ghost in future Marvel films cause I would like to see her cause more chaos and destruction to technology.

Our second villain that didn’t have that much of a role to play was Sonny Burch aka Egghead (Walton Goggins) for those that don’t know of the character in the comics Egghead was a villain completely obsessed with Pym technology, so obsessed he stole and used that technology for himself which didn’t turn out so good for the character. Afterwards he became a black merchant for criminals; but in the film the role is reversed he doesn’t become obsessed with Hank Pym’s technology until he sees it for himself and he’s a black merchant selling stolen parts from government agencies. I’m sure Egghead will become a bigger role eventually but until then he is going to be a side character.

Now the three amigos, Luis (Michael Pena), Kurt (David Dastmalchian), and Dave (T. I. Harris) those three are always hilarious, these three have been with Scott Lang ever since he was released from prison in the first Ant-Man film, like you have to have the three amigos in each Ant-Man film cause they are the ones who help with the humor, who help with all those hilarious stories that Luis gives to the audience. You can’t just have one, you gotta have all three and I hope when they make another Ant-Man movie that they are brought back too cause these guys together are always hilarious.

And I do know that this is Abby Ryder Fortson’s last Marvel film to play in as the character Cassie, because they are aging her older for the next Avengers film which means we all have to say goodbye to Abby who we’ve seen grow up through television shows and Ant-Man movies, for those that don’t remember Abby Fortson acted in the television show The Whisperers and then she went to other shows and then finally Ant-Man movies. But the recasting of Cassie isn’t a bad thing, after all this will allow the Marvel Cinematic Universe to bring in Cassie as Ant-Girl which she takes the mantle after her father dies in the comics that is but they could make it different in the movies. All we can do is wait and see what happens next with Cassie!

I recommend this film to any Marvel fan and anyone who loves the character Ant-Man and The Wasp!

Ant-Man and the Wasp is now out in theaters, go see it!