SIX (S02E07) “FUBAR”

I’m going to be upfront and say I had great difficulty writing this review. Which is why it’s late. Not for any fault of the show either. Plain and simple? I’m still having a hard time dealing with History Channel canceling SIX and then announcing that cancellation with FOUR episodes left to air. They compounded this by essentially halting all promotion, leaving the actors high and dry. And when I say they halted promotion? I mean it quite literally. No more screeners sent to reviewers. No more promotional materials sent to the actors. Which left the cast essentially begging people to finish out the season, “It’s explosive!” “It will blow your mind!” “Don’t stop watching!” Unbelievable.

All of this to say, it makes sitting back and enjoying the show difficult. When I think about the special forces show that got renewed on CBS it makes my stomach hurt. SIX was by far deeper, more complex and more hard-hitting than that not-to-be-named show. The issues that the SIX writers addressed were timely and important and portrayed with such sensitivity by the cast. Ugh. Sorry for the mini-rant. But this is truly a shame. Today’s recap/review will be short and to the point. Here’s hoping the shock of the cancellation will have worn off more for next week.

The Actual Episode

This week we saw our team cross the border into Russia on Presidential orders. Bear (Barry Sloane) was forced to make this call, even though every instinct in his bones is obviously screaming no. His team has his back – mostly. Buddha (Juan Pablo Raba) is against this decision every step of the way. Thankfully his professionalism won’t allow him to do anything but be the backup Bear needs. Of course, the set meeting point is a trap (duh) and a shootout ensues. Thankfully our team emerges intact and victorious, for now.

Gina (Olivia Munn) continues to be shady. And at this point feels so one note that I’m super disappointed in her addition to the show. Which is awful because I really thought bringing Munn onboard was going to be a great addition.

Michael (Dominic Adams) continues to be a master manipulator. This guy can play mind games to an absurd degree. Even when his hands are tied together and he’s been repeatedly beaten, he’s thinking two steps ahead. He’s so good that by the end of the episode he’s been let go!! Supposedly going to kill The Prince (Nikolai Nikolaeff), but we’ll see.

Caulder (Kyle Schmid) is back home recovering – sort of. After brushing aside his daughter’s concern, Caulder ends up collapsing and having to be rushed to a hospital. Turns out he’s not as recovered from the 1st episode head wound as he had hoped. In fact, he’s SO not recovered, that any further damage could mean the end. I’m hoping that we get some resolution for Caulder before the end of the season. Schmid has been beyond fabulous this season and I’d hate to end with his fate up in the air.

Stand Out Performance

This week it’s got to be Barry Sloane for me. He’s playing the inner demons loud and clear. The fight between protecting his team, following orders, listening to Gina (probably never a good idea) and dwelling on his rocky home life. Even with a fantastic shootout scene, it’s the emotional moments before that, that really sung in this episode. It’s something that SIX has perfected. Too late it seems.

SIX airs next on Wednesday, July 18th at 10/9c