The Originals (S05E10) “There in the Disappearing Light” written by Bingewatcher, Tess and Teri


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Tonight’s episode was written by Jeffrey Lieber and Eva McKenna. It was directed by our very own Daniel J. Gillies.

I’m on a Rampage: Slow down baby.
I must admit, I cheered when Hope (Danielle Rose-Russell) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) decided to take care of business with REJ (Jedediah Goodcare). It started off with Klaus coming for REJ. He thought he could run and hide. Ah, you’re a stupid boy! No one runs from Klaus Mikaelson.
“Have you decided how you are going to kill him?” “Slowly…” – Hope tells Klaus
In this case, daughter is just like her father. REJ is pleading with Hope. It’s not working. She’s on a rampage! Again, she must remember REJ is not a teenage boy. He is a few hundred years old. REJ knew exactly what he was doing when he tricked Hope. REJ aided in the death of her mother, Hayley. When he dies no one will feel any sorrow. KARMA came for REJ tonight. Hope going dark-side like this might evoke the werewolf curse.
“Your pain is her momentary comfort.” Klaus tells REJ
The nerve of REJ to compare Greta (Natasha Livingston) to Hayley. Greta could never be a tenth the mother Hayley was! EVER!

I feel a Bad Moon Rising.
Is there a faction war brewing on the horizon?
It was alluded to in last night’s episode. Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) said so in so many words. Elijah made us to believe so. When he was trying to trap Nazi Vampires for Klaus, Marcel and Hope to kill. Good job Elijah! You had a lot of people fooled. They thought you were going back to that cult! Vincent, however worries me. He has all the witches ready to star a war. The question I ask: Will it be Vincent and the Harvest Witches Vs. The Mikaelsons? Is this the real battle…?

Story Continuity.
Lately, the continuity issues are becoming more apparent. Example: Why aren’t Klaus and Marcel slaying all the enemies? Their bites are deadly. Nearly of all this would be avoided, just by them taking on their enemies if they used their strength and power. None of this would have ever happened. Then add in the original siblings, Elijah, Kol (Nate Buzzholic) and Rebekah (Claire Holt). The enemies might as well pack it up and walk away.
The HOLLA s/l was the worst one by far I and many others feel the same way. That was until “The Originals” unleashed Nazi Vampires on us. What were you thinking? Honestly? Should I dare mention the fact in the last season, you are focusing on secondary characters instead of the main cast! What kind of tomfoolery is that?
Don’t ever forget this show is about family. Always and Forever.
Yet, the question would be who DIDN’T get a love interest. I mean, seriously, name one character who didn’t. Tristan wanted Hayley. Jackson and Hayley were briefly married.  Aya and Elijah had a romantic past. Lucien loved Aurora. Aurora loved Klaus. Josh loved Aiden. Freya loves Keelin. Gia was a rebound chick for Elijah but originally liked Marcel. What this is all about ROMANCE. Where is the family above all?

Why is everyone else but Haylijah entitled to a “Happy Ever After”?
I was watching last night with my jaw to the floor. Honestly, we already witnessed Josh (Steven Krueger) and Aiden (Colin Woodell) get their peace in 1 episode. Yet, it is four episodes pass and we still have no idea if Hayley Mikaelson (Phoebe J. Tonkin) has found hers. Why did Hayley Mikaelson have to die. Why wasn’t she entitled to her HEA with Elijah? Was it really that necessary for Hayley and Hope to stay away from the Mikaelsons? They had to write in another inane villain. The HOLLA! (Don’t Fear the Reaper! J/K) They take for granted their very intelligent viewing audience. They have given everyone else a “Happily Ever After” excluding Elijah and Hayley. All because of agendas.
“Haylijah could never be “just friends” – there was always that underlying true love between them. If we look at S3, Hayley made up reasons to see Elijah alone even though she was married. She always relied on him for help, he had to force her to leave when torturing Tristan and got mad, knew he would always be there for her (end of S2), he was the only one there for her when “the arrangement” died.
You can still see the love there. With Hayley’s emotional scene seeing Elijah before she died. His heartbreak after getting his memories back. The Declan/Elijah conversation solidifying the fact that Hayley always loved Elijah, always would and could never truly let him go.

What, Who, What, My Name is: Slim Shady.

“I’ve been thinking, and I know a lot of people including myself are pissed off about the kiss between Slim and Elijah but to be honest, that is who Elijah is. He did love her when he didn’t have memories (yes, I’m throwing up in my mouth), so he can’t just shut it off. He gave her a proper goodbye (it better be goodbye for good!) and let it go. He’ll never let Hayley go though.”

This thought is from my dear friend Tess. She makes an excellent point. The simple fact is Elijah cannot change who he is. With every fiber of his being, he will be a gentleman. He will be a loving brother and uncle. Elijah will only give his heart unconditionally to Hayley Mikaelson. Elijah did share a piece of his life (although he does not remember who he truly was at the time) he did love Antoinette during this period. As my friend Tess said, I agree this was his way of saying goodbye. I just hope it was forever too.

Dead Pool.
We lost characters last night. Josh died. Ivy died. Josh (Steven Krueger) was with the show since the 1st season. He finally did something of relevance. Everyone should be happy he went out a hero saving his friend, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Josh even got his endgame with Aiden. RIP. Ivy was a villain added in this season. I bet there will be hell to pay over this death. Vincent is mad and looking for revenge

‘The Originals’ (S05E10) ‘There in the Disappearing Light’ Random Musings:
• Do you think Vincent gets bit and becomes a vampire-witch? Should we start calling him he-witch?
• Marcel is an Original Hybrid. How the hell is he being taken hostage by anyone or anything?
• It was heartbreaking to hear Hope say. “I lost my mother. I lost my best friend”
• Who will die next? 3 more episodes to go. At this rate characters should be dropping like flies.

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