Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (s01e07) “Lotus Eaters”

Lotus Eaters was directed by Paul Edwards and Written by Joe Pokaski and Peter Calloway

The episode begins with a young Nina Hess (Hannah Hardin) give his dad, Ivan Hess (Tim Kang) cookies as he rushes to the oil rig. Just as the power of the rig turns off, he mentions that he wants to talk to Nathan Bowen (Andy Dylan).

In present time, Tandy (Olivia Holt) tells Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) she needs his help. They go to the Hospital to find Ivan Hess. Both touch his arms and go to a vision, where they see the door, surrounded by Tyrone’s black mist. Tyrone touches the door and both of them find themselves in the oil rig. They realize that people can see them, as one of the workers attacks them.

They easily find Ivan Hess, but things get complicated when Ivan Hess doesn’t know who he is. He says that he doesn’t have a name, and that moment in the oil rig is his reality. He believes that it’s the only thing that ever existed and he believes he has no daughter. Tandy and Tyrone ask him how to stop the explosion, and he says the only way is to close the valves, if they can get to it. But everytime the rig explodes, the reality rewinds and Tandy and Tyrone are back at the room with Ivan.

Tandy asks Ivan about her dad, and he mentions a voice on the phone. We learn that the person Nathan was talking to on the night of the explosion was Ivan. The phone in the office rings, and Tandy answeres it, just to hear her dad’s voice on the other line.But the rig explodes again, rewinding the reality once again.

Tyrone wants to shut down the valves to stop the explosion, but Tandy wants to stay so she can talk to her father. He decides to go himself, but he is attacked by the workers. He fights them, using his powers, and succeeds closing the valves, but it doesn’t work and the rig explodes again. Tyrone talks to Tandy and convinces her to let go of Ivan so they can get out of the memory loop. When he lets go he realizes Tandy didn’t and is still in the loop. Tyrone tries touching Tandy’s hand to let go, but he can’t. He decides to go back, and touches Ivan’s hand once again.

Tyrone finds Tandy waiting for her fathers call. Tandy can’t remember his name, but he asks her how many loops she’s been in, she says she stopped counting after 200. Tandy says she wants to stay in that reality because she can talk to her dad. Tyrone pushes her off the phone and disconnects it, which makes her angry. Tandy starts throwing her daggers at Tyrone and he uses his powers to avoid them. Tyrone says he will leave her, if she asks her dad one question, who’s sitting at the back of his car. When he can’t answer the question, Tandy’s snap out of her trans because, she realizes she isn’t talking to her dad.

Tandy pushes Ivan to remember his daughter. She talks about the cookies and what is the secret ingredient. Ivan remembers  his daughter and is also snaps out of the reality he is in. Tyrone tells Ivan he is the one who is suppose to shut down the valves for it to work. They spring in to action, with Tandy and Tyrone fighting the workers. Ivan manages to shut down the valves and they both get out of Ivan’s mind. Ivan is out of the comma but doesn’t know who both Tandy and Tyrone are. Later that night, Tyrone calls Tandy to talk to her as he looks through a box of old pictures. He finds a voice recorder that his older brother Billy recorded something on. Together with Tandy, then both listen to the recording.


Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the best episode of the season. It was a confusing start, but it was entertaining. Finally get to see both of them working on the same problem as a team. There was always an important or entertaining moment on this episode. Important revelations and great confrontation scenes

They used a “Grounghog day” theme to the episode and it really worked. This episode also helps solidify the relationship between Tyrone and Tandy. We still don’t know what they are, they don’t even know yet. But they are a formidable partnership.

Rating: 8.5/10