Preacher (S03E04) “The Tombs”

In this episode of Preacher, we are welcomed into the bowels of hell. The Devil (Jason Douglas) needs the aid of a particular, badass cowboy (Graham McTavish) with a grudge. It was only a matter of time the show has come to this, especially now that God has left his heavenly gates. The creators have gone above and beyond to bring this spectacle to life. Good? Evil? It’s all the same in the end.

preacher s03e041 - Preacher (S03E04) “The Tombs”
Satan needs something only The Saint of Killers can supply. (AMC/Google)

Back on the surface, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is dealing with his own personal hell. He must dig into his diabolical past, in order to save the ones he loves. The complexity of the situation brings another level to the story, especially when friends pretend to be foes. Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) must fight for his life, and his freedom. Angelville is unforgiving and it could cost them all dearly.

Tulip (Ruth Negga) has taken matters into her own hands, can’t is not part of her vocabulary. Madame Boyd (Prema Cruz) becomes an unwilling participant, but one can’t help but think it’s all part of the plan. Free will may be a curse, but it seems to work well for Tulip in those regards. We get another glimpse into Jesse’s earlier years, and the romantic entanglement with Madame Boyd herself.

Everything Jesse has done, even the bad, he has done it out of love. Being backed into a corner can make a person do some unspeakable things. When there is a possibility of a loved one being in danger, Jesse could never take that chance. Distancing himself was always the ideal tactic, until Tulip came into the picture. He won’t be getting rid of her that easily, she will wait for him till the bitter end.

preachers03e043 1024x614 - Preacher (S03E04) “The Tombs”
Tulip and Jesse. Together till the end of time. (Google)

Due to the trio always being one step ahead, Cassidy is able to make his escape. There is a bittersweet moment between him and Tulip, she is and always will be in love with Jesse. Instead of using the powerful love potion, he does the right thing, get’s on the damn bus. Although that could be far more dangerous than Angelville, especially with Featherstone lurking in the shadows.

With hell losing its fiery accreditation and souls escaping the loop, Satan puts his faith into The Saint of Killers. He’s on a mission to retrieve two souls, but who could they be? Sure it may be Hitler (Noah Taylor) and Arseface (Ian Colletti), but this is Preacher. There is a certain level of unpredictability, things are never as it seems.

There is sure to be death and dismay in the episodes to come. Tulip must rid Jesse of blood compact, even if it means taking dear ol’ Gran’ma (Betty Buckley) out of the equation. Things are about to get messy.

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