Animal Kingdom (S03E08) “Incoming”


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The Queen Bee returns in last night’s episode! It was written by Daniele Nathaneson. Directed by David Rodriguez and produced by Douglas S. Orstein.

And so, it begins.
If you ask my opinion, doing a job with two junkies is NEVER a GOOD IDEA. Especially when Billy (Denis Leary) and Frankie (Dichen Lachman) are riding shotgun. Geez, Deran (Jake Weary), what in the hell were you thinking? It should always stay within the family. That excludes Billy. He’s your father but he is untrustworthy and would throw any of you under a bus to get high! We see Frankie watching the plane load up with armored police and loads of money bags. (This could be a huge score!) Billy sends Pope (Shawn Hatosy) a text on where the location is… (Billy is such an amateur!)
“Do that again. – I’ll break your God Damn hand.” – Pope tells Billy
Meanwhile, J (Finn Cole) is inside one of those bags that was used as cargo to load the plane. Guess what? Deran (Jake Weary) was in the other one. They are literally cutting themselves out. Masks on! They’re ready to take over the plane.
“Hands up.” – J tells the officer
“Be cool man, were on our way down.” – Deran tells the pilot
This is a mid-air stick up! Have you ever witnessed one of these in your life?
“Gimmie your phone and wallet. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to that beautiful family of yours.” – Deran tells the pilot
Is it me, or do you feel like this going to come back and bite the boys in the ass big time. I hope not.

The Queen Bee Returns: Feels so good doesn’t it?
“The one that got away.” – Detective Pearce (Gil Birmingham) tells Smurf
“What’s next?” – Detective Pearce asks Smurf
Weird thing was he was trying to stick it to her. Detective Pearce was explaining that her boys were living high on the hog off her retirement holdings. Smurf (Ellen Barkin) is cunning and very smart, indeed. She always planned. Smurf knew how to run her shell companies and make everything look legit. If you ask me, Detective Pearce had too much to say. Rubbing the salt on the wounds. Does he think he’ll achieve the desired effect?

Deran and Billy: Told you so.
Deran, Craig (Ben Roboson), Billy and Pope all stranded in the desert. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt by Pope. (insert sarcasm)
“I remember a lot of things. The time you locked me in the closet for 3 days. While you went to score.” – Pope
“You’re like an elephant. You store everything in your memory.” – Billy
Then Billy has the audacity to ask Craig if he has an oxy. Craig tells him “Nah.” Billy is getting all antsy and wants to score some drugs. It’s like he needs a babysitter.
“How long do we have to sit out here?” – Billy asks Craig
“5 minutes.” – Craig
We see Deran and J paragliding out of that plane! Geezits H. Christmas! J avoids hitting the rocks. (Close call, man!) This entire job was a bad idea. You want to know why? It was Billy’s idea. Anything associated with Billy means trouble. Pope, Deran, Craig and J should have told him “NO”. Seriously. I am still wondering why Pope hasn’t beat the living daylights out of him, yet. When Smurf finds out about all of this. She is going to go crazy!

Yes, I am the one and only Smurf.
“OMG, you’re Smurf.” – Frankie says to Smurf
“I came here with Billie, Smurf.” – Frankie is telling Smurf
Which Smurf asks: “He’s out with all my boys?”
Frankie OTOH, is kissing Smurf’s dierre that I see her brown nose. (Girl, have you no shame? I guess you know what’s up! BOSS LADY is back!) She is going to draw Smurf a bath with essential oils. Frankie is offering Smurf a vodka and cranberry. You can clearly see Smurf doesn’t like Frankie. She wants her out of her house. My guess Smurf is waiting for Billy to get back and get rid of them both at the same time!
“Hey, Frankie do you always come on this strong?” – Smurf
If you could have seen Billie’s face. It was priceless. I love you, Smurf. Don’t ever change.

Will be coming around the mountain…
Deran and J are making their way around the mountain… They finally make their way to a small town. Where they go to the town store. Are they in for a surprise! They meet the owner, who’s a woman. She must have went to the “School of Janine Cody”. Anyway, she tells them in plain facts: “5 grand to get you out of here.” The next line I was not expecting to hear! “You going to shoot me in front of my kids? 10 grand!” (School of hard knocks? I love this girl and her attitude!)

Billy you think you are so entitled.
“That’s why were out here because of me.” – Billy
Oh really? You mean to tell me; the boys couldn’t scoop this job from right out under you? Think again Billy. You gave them an idea and they went ahead and made the plan and executed it. You gave them nothing. At that very moment, you could see it in Pope’s face that he was going to snap. Billy, what you said next pretty much sealed your own death.
“Pope liked your mother’s hands between his pants. It was some twisted shit.” – Billy
(Billy was telling Craig this!)
Pope had enough though. He pulls over and throws him out of the car on some desert road. #TeamPope
Craig, J and Pope talk about how they’ve ditched Billy. Deran’s not going to like it.
“I’ve been thinking about Baz.” – Pope tells Craig
“Where’s Billy?” – Deran asks his brothers
(Billy’s cell phone rings.)
“Are you with MY BOYS?” – Smurf
“They had to go somewhere.” Billy lies to Smurf
“Is Frankie there?” Billy asks Smurf
“Frankie is in jail.” Smurf tells Billy
That reunion will go well. (NOT.)

Finishing the job.
The boys are cleaning up everything. Making sure they leave no evidence behind… The scrubbing of the truck, removing the plates, cleaning the dash. J explains to everyone where the money is being stored. They are getting $158,000k a piece! A job well done. They discuss Billy’s cut. Pope asks about Lena. “What about Lena…What about her cut? Baz is dead. How’s she supposed to take care of herself? You just going to forget that she’s family.” – Pope (True that, Pope! Good looking out for little Lena.) Deran should just cut Billy out of his life. He offers him some “fatherly advice” really? Where the hell were you all these years? “Pope is going to get yous all killed.” (ANVIL Shinning like a beckon of light!) Deran if you are smart. You’d avoid Billy like the plague. He’s the one who will get you jail time, hooked on heavy street drugs or killed. Just some friendly advice. Deran tells Billy his cut is 100k! Um, no. (Are you crazy, Deran? You know your brothers are not going to like this news.)

DiW7bsyUcAMWx l @animalkingdom EDIT Craig Pope and J see Smurf July 18 18 300x169 - Animal Kingdom (S03E08) "Incoming"                                                       EDIT: @AnimalKingdom
Guess who’s back, back again? Smurf!
“Who’s cooking?” – Craig asks
(He smells an aroma of good food coming from the kitchen of the Cody house.)
In total disbelief. Mama’s back boys and she wants her money.
“I told you to get ready. Don’t you miss me.” Smurf whispered into J’s ear
“I missed you baby.” Smurf hugs Pope
“How’d you get out?” Pope asks Smurf
(It was a technicality. )
“How’s Lena?” – Smurf asks Pope
“She’s at Alice’s.” Pope
I loved the side dialogue between Craig and Deran.
“She’s back, man. She even made a pie.” Craig
Craig shares with Deran that he went to visit Smurf when she was in jail. Unlike his other brothers. “It’s not like I wanted her to die in their.” Craig
This was something that both J and Deran should have thought about kindlier. Visiting the women who took care of them, their mother and grandmother.

Who are you going to believe: Smurf or Billy?
Honestly, Billy must have used these kinds of moves to get women. Now, he’s using this on his son Deran. Sleazy. Who do you believe?
“I tried to take you with me. You were loving it in Rio. I figured in no time you’d have a brand-new mama.” – Billy tells Deran
Of course, Deran wanted to know what happened. Smurf called the cops. She pressed kidnapping charges against Billy. He’s telling Deran he just couldn’t beat Smurf. Why do I have trouble believing this? It sounds too easy. Billy gave up on his son without a fight? When you love your child, there is nothing you would not do for them. He would be just like Smurf. Who do you believe?

I love how Smurf is poking fun that Billy is not there for her “welcome home” party. (AS IF, she even wants him there! Good one.) Of course, Smurf asks for Nicki (Molly J. Gordon). J tells her she had to move to Guam to be with her family. (Hopefully, it will be the last we see of her.) The next person she asked for really got everyone upset, especially Pope. She wanted to know where her beautiful boy was. That is Baz (Scott Speedman). Lena needs a place to see her father. I need a place to see my beautiful boy. WE need a place to see Baz.
“There’s no grave, Smurf…no headstone to weep over.” – Pope 
In that moment, you could just sense so much pain and misery. I felt so bad for them as a family. Especially Pope. He will not rest until Baz’s killer is dead. They toast and the show ends.

Animal Kingdom (S03E08) “Incoming” Random Thoughts:
• How long until Pope comes to blows with Billy? (Not much longer).
• Is this job going to bite them in the dierre? Begins with B and ends with Y.
• My guess is Smurf knows they pulled a big job. She is fishing for details. What do you think?

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