Reverie (S01E07) “The Black Mandala”


Reverie is a tool that brings change and liberation into people’s lives, but what happens when it falls into the wrong hands? Dark Reverie’s are alive and well, in this episode we get to delve deeper into a realm with no rules.

Mara (Sarah Shahi), seems to be in the right place at the right time.  She gets caught up in a random glitch, a “crossed” Reverie,  and she is transported to a dark warehouse. In the shadows a young man, Ehmet (Ben J. Pierce), is being interrogated and his mind is being twisted. This isn’t the intended use for the program, but when you have a contract with the military, everything else is moot.

This dark place isn’t like the rest, the rules don’t apply.  Ehmet is an innocent prisoner, who has lost everything in order to escape a country shattered by violence.

Reveries01e07 - Reverie (S01E07) “The Black Mandala”
Paul’s concern is getting harder to hide.

The team has dealt with challenges before, but this one is different.  When it comes down to it, they all want to make a difference and save a life. Paul (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Alexis (Jennifer Lu) work to get Mara back into the restricted zone, there is nothing they can’t accomplish. With danger at a high, there is no holding back the task at hand.

There are risks with every case, even when the world inside isn’t real. It’s hard to trick the mind into forgetting everything it knows, a work in process, but it will happen one day. A terrified and confused Ehmet, meets Mara’s aid with resistance. Mara seems to have this uncanny ability to reach out to people in their time of need, and in this case she earns his trust.

The situation always looks dire, but they always have a way of getting through it. Charlie (Dennis Haysbert) has been able to locate particular proof, that Ehmet and his family were far away from a terrorist threat when it happened. Thanks to Dylan (Kai Scott), they are able to clear the boy’s name. It all falls into place and leaves the viewer with this feeling of satisfaction.

A new threat comes to light when Mara is shot by one of the avatars, even though it’s not real, she can’t switch off her mind. She is able to pull through and get Ehmet out of harms way, but there seems to be a lasting effect when she finally makes it to the Mandala. Outside of Reverie there are new repercussions, Mara’s injury inside transfers as a bruise. This adds another element of danger to the situation.

Reveries01e071 - Reverie (S01E07) “The Black Mandala”
It’s good to have friends in high places.

We round out the episode with Monica (Kathryn Morris), who isn’t such a bad person after all. Even though she works for the department of defense, but she has been struggling with their use of the program. It wasn’t Kismet that brought Mara to the right place at the right time, it was Monica’s gentle push. She is going to prove to be a very powerful ally for them in the episodes to come.

Oh, and the love scene between Mara and Chris (Sam Jaeger) at the end? It’s about time.

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Photos: Screen captures taken by author of review.