The Bold Type (S02E07) “Betsy”

Hello everyone! Time for a little recap of the last episode of The Bold Type! I’m still confused after this one, I would never imagine the writers of TBT would come with things like that. It touched some serious problem connected with mass shooting. We also find out some details about our characters past. See for yourself.

Jane made her return appearance in Scarlet, she was obsessed with good-looking outfit and showing of a little. I have to admit she looked amazing. All of the coworkers noticed her being back. She felt special. Also she didn’t get her desk back, she was obliged to take a new one. As we found out later it was a purposeful move Jacquelline made. I think she wanted to give Jane a lesson that sometimes change is good and it force you to expand your horizons. Jane struggled with different thing more. She found out that her roommate Sutton is in possession of shotgun and it really bothered her. It turned out Jane was traumatized after some bad shooting from school she witnessed in her youth. She not only couldn’t get along with Sutton nor find some solution, she even asked Ryan for help when she couldn’t understand why Sutton hold on to that gun so badly. Jane decided to write an article about this situation, but at first Jacquelline didn’t like the draft. She rightly stated that Jane she wrote it one-sidedly. She kinda pushed Jane to get more involved into the story and in her relationship with Sutton. After all Jane found a way to understand the origin and all the motives of Sutton’s love for Betsy. And they solved this problem very well.

As I described Sutton was involved in a conflict with Jane. She tried to defend herself and made Jane realize that she has some trust issues despite the fact they are friends and they could have count on each other for years. Sutton tried to reduce Jane’s distance to gun but it wasn’t easy. She said some harsh things too and perhaps Jane deserved that. It was an important lesson for both of them and it strengthened their friendship. Except that Sutton learned that she needed to feel like she’s in control because of all things that happened in her life. And she learned how to deal with herself. That was pretty important too. And she met on Brooke once again while trying to get a bag for work. Brooke didn’t care for her good at all, only about herself. This time both of them exaggerated – Brooke cuz she was offended because of one situation and Sutton because she tried to use Brooke and this connection for her needs. But Oliver helped Sutton realize that she doesn’t have to worry about everything herself and she could simply just come to him and tell what she wasn’t able to do. And that they are a team and when they work together they are empowered. It was nice to see Sutton getting her self-confidence back.

Things around Kat and Adena were hmm… shocking? Confusing? Strange? A little bit of each. I’m not getting them, I mean I try, I know they have good intensions, but still… I don’t support that. They got some meal and during that Adena offered Kat some kind of open relationships with specific rules and this whole thing was supposed to help Kat deal with her dreams about other women… supposedly. Kat was suppose to meet some new girl and try sexual things with her. And she was supposed to not to tell Adena about this adventure. And pretend like nothing is going on. Wtf? I mean, how someone you love can make you do this for the good sake of your relationship? That’s weird, that’s something I don’t believe in. If you love someone then deal with your mess together, not by trying things with someone else. With or without your partner’s consent. Period. There’s no such thing like ‘’it’s for us’’. It’s bullshit. It should be enough for you that you have this one person you chose to share your life with. Being curious about being with someone else? Okay, it happens sometimes. But you shouldn’t get or want or even suppose that you might have acquiescence to go to someone else while your related to someone. You should fight in in yourself or take leave of your relationship if it’s not enough for you. I cannot understand going to someone else while you’re with someone. Then goinf back to your partner. I just can’t.

I’m glad we see girls together, solving their problems together and that we see it in almost every episode. This show permanently teach us that life is about going through it with others. We wouldn’t be able without them. And everyone has someone. Someone he can rely on. Everyone has his own Sutton and Kat to the Jane. Okay, only Pinstripe has not. But he’s out of this world! Hahaha I hope he will find someone too. Because if not, he will only have Jane left. And that will end up with them being together. And that would mean the end of the Bane. And that would mean some hearts broken. But I would kinda like them together because I also still ship Janestripe. Omg okay enough with the talking. See you next week guys!