The Originals (S05E11) “Till the Day I Die.” Written by Bingewatcher, Tess, Teri and Ash.

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We get a beautifully written episode by Marguerite MacIntyre and Kyle Arrington. It was directed by Bonnie Weis.

It all comes back in Flashes: Elijah and Hayley.
Elijah finds a box which contained a letter from his beloved, Hayley. It all comes back in flashes.

Hayley’s letter to Elijah:
“If I had met my ex under different circumstances without the legacy of pain that haunted him things would have been different for us. My time with you helped me forgive him, for the pain that he caused me and remember the best parts of our lives together. “Elijah, I wanted to thank you for giving me a beautiful day when I needed it. You helped me more than you can ever know. I realized I’d been holding onto things I shouldn’t have been. And though I can’t honestly say I’ll ever get over him entirely I can look forward because of you. I’ll never forget our time in France and if my chance we meet again in another life. I’m going to hold you to that dance.”
Honestly, who could move on after reading a touching and moving letter like that? I know Elijah surely couldn’t. I know Hayley is looking down from the heavens over her twin flame Elijah, watching over him. Until they meet again.

Elijah: “Can I make a guess here? You’re either broke or drunk.”
Hayley: “Did you ever have an ex you can’t get out of your system?”
Elijah: “I’m Elijah.”
Hayley: “I’m Andrea.”
(As our #Haylijah hearts were literally exploding out of our chests around the world!)
I wonder how Hayley (Phoebe J. Tonkin) felt at that very moment. Was it happiness to finally be reunited for even a short time with her twin-flame, Elijah (Daniel J. Gillies)? There was just so many emotions running through our minds. Wondering how did they get here? Why did it have to end this way? Happiness, sadness, grief and loving your soul mate until it consumes you. These were the feeling that Elijah and Hayley shared. When they reunited in Manosque after all this time was not something they had planned. It was like Déjà vu, they’d been there before in another time and place.
Why did he have such intimate talks with her? Why did Elijah slow dance with “Andrea” (cough) Hayley? You can never deny destiny.
Elijah: “I guess I’ll see you in the next life.”
Hayley: “If we’re destined to meet each other in another life, just, know… I’ll be waiting for another dance.”
Did we just receive a confirmation that Elijah and Hayley reunite in the afterlife? It sure sounded like one.

The day is finally here: Freelin’s Wedding.
Freya (Riley Volekel) wants Elijah to walk her down the aisle.
“I’m sorry I can’t.” – Elijah tells Freya
Freya and Keelin (Christina Moses) are finally getting married. One thing Freya forget to mention: She doesn’t want to have children. Keelin is visibly upset by this! “You don’t want to pass off the werewolf gene?” – Keelin
Freya tells Keelin she wants to marry her. Elijah and Klaus both walk Freya down the aisle. It was a beautiful ceremony. I loved the flowers being released from the arch. Indeed, it was a family moment to cherish. Hope and Keelin dance at the ceremony. Where she wants to make a toast.
“You guys have had a thousand moments of those. I am glad to share one with you.” – Hope
Did I mention our Hope was buzzed from drinking champagne? Klaus wants her to sit up a bit. He is so scared and worried for his littlest wolf.

I’m going to give all my secrets away – the Declan story.
“I read my Uncle’s journals. Turns out you’re a vampire (Marcel Gerard) just like Josh.” – FWB
We called this one, huh girls? So FWB (Torrance Combs) couldn’t trust Hayley enough to let her know the truth. Yeah, this was a match made in nowhere land. (snorts and snickers). He was indeed very much aware and apart of the “human supernatural faction” of NOLA. As his family was before him, Uncle Kieran, (Todd Stashwick) Cousins Sean and Camille O’Connell (Leah Pipes). Tsk, Tsk. Dare you even say you loved her! Liar, Liar pants are on fire. You love drinking lots of vervain, so you can’t be compelled by an original. Plus, we still want an explanation on why his eyes went fluorescent green! You are not of the Supernatural faction, you sure about that?

Why have things come to this: Hope is dying?
The flair of anvils dropping from the sky and dramatics never ceases to amaze. We see Hope’s (Danielle Rose-Russell) neck filling up with the HOLLA veins! As Klaus (Joseph Morgan) looks on helplessly. What is a father to do? He summons in the big guns, Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell) and Kol (Nathaniel Buzzaholic). Davina locates a spell in Ester’s grimoire. Kol senses something is wrong. Davina tells him it’s gone! I say WTH is going on! A harvest witch (Davina) and the world most powerful witch ever (Hope), cannot find a spell to work? Add in Kol, Vincent and Freya, see where I’m going… They should have this HOLLA beat!
“The dark magic is consuming Hope. There is nothing we can do. It’s only a matter of time.” – Beks tells Klaus
Why do I feel like they need a sacrifice to be made? An “Original” vampire sacrifice? (cough) Elijah. He had this “haunted” look on his face when Klaus told him Hope was dying. Elijah is carrying an incredible burden of guilt since Hayley’s death. This would be his redemption and hopefully forgiveness to reunite with Hayley in the afterlife.
“I know who Hayley was. We shared a profound connection.” – Elijah tells Klaus
“Hope is dying.” – Klaus tells Elijah
(You see Elijah packing up his Porsche and then he changes his mind.)
Elijah asks: ”Have you told her?”
Klaus answers: “She’s my daughter.”
You could see the look of absolutely grief and anguish on their faces. They embrace.

@Gabby Spnatural EDIT Kleijah hug at the end July 19 18 300x159 - The Originals (S05E11) “Till the Day I Die.” Written by Bingewatcher, Tess, Teri and Ash.                                                                                        EDIT: @Gabby_Spnatural

The Originals’ (S05E11) ‘Till the Day I Die’ Random Musings:
• Strange that Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) wants to disappear now that shizzle is hitting the proverbial fan. (What do you know Vincent? What are you hiding?)
• We can always count on our resident truth-tellers. So great to see Claire Holt back! Missed you Beks! “Elijah is carrying around all this guilt. It’s Mikaelson guilt.”
• Interesting how Josh (a guest star) gets into the afterlife right away? Yet, Hayley a series regular, we see nothing of hers. Then suddenly “Until we meet again.” This better not be a “Dangling the Carrot” Game!
• Interesting how that letter foretold Elijah wanted to be with Andrea. (Twin Flame Connection, anyone?) Yet, he was dating Slim Shady. (I laugh, placeholder).

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