Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 03)

Hey everybody, so we have here another fantastic issue from comic creator David Lucarelli’s Tinseltown. Ever since the comic series has started it has been a huge hit and it continues to improve with every issue, in this issue it delves deeper within certain issues such as greed, addiction, and deception, join us as we review this amazing issue of Tinseltown.

Okay so, in this issue we see how our hero, Abby is willing to do whatever it takes and literally whatever it takes to keep the residents of Tinseltown safe. Even if it means humiliating a father in front of his own son. Truth be told that guy did have it coming; which anyone who lives in this world now or even back then in the past, no one likes bullies and what Abby did was the embodiment of a true hero. The further we get into the story though, the more I’m noticing how amazing character development we are getting with Abby, and with a few others. Which is good because we always need character development as the story progresses and I love it when we get things such as that.

Now in this issue we did have things such as deception, greed, and addiction mostly in this issue especially when we found out where and what happened to poor Betty. Apparently when Betty went missing in issue 02 I believe, and Betty’s story hasn’t been what she was expecting, apparently now she is pregnant and the baby daddy is the Vice President of Utopia town, Claude Wolfman. But the way Betty became pregnant is from getting addicted to drugs by Claude in China town, which is always the wrong way to get a woman’s attention people. Never get addicted to drugs, it’s a bad thing and it leads to horrible consequences like how we saw in this issue. Now a big question is, if Abby would’ve given Betty money instead of a home in order to get by while getting her life put together, what would’ve happened? I kinda think that Betty would’ve went back down to China town to possibly do more of the drug that made her feel good while it lasted, but who knows she might’ve even have taken the money and ran somewhere to raise the child, there are endless possibilities. We will have to wait to find out in the next issue with Betty, now I’m sure you all are wondering what did I mean by greed if I’m just talking about the addiction parts, well when I say greed I’m thinking along the ways of money, cause thats where our minds go when greed comes to mind. And in this case it made me think that too; because the addiction part is pretty explanatory that Betty couldn’t get enough of the deception love making which had to lead to the drugs in order to get what she wanted.

Like always I’m really loving this series and I wish it was more than five issues, which means two more issues people, I kinda wish though it could be longer but I also understand that some series’s have to be limited cause the comic company is not sure if the series will truly succeed and thats understandable. But this series I know will succeed, it has an amazing story, the time period is the best time period for this comic because it shows people a time where women were not truly respected as equals and the only ones that were treated as equals were the ones that fought for it. For instance Abby, she is fighting for that respect in a part of the world where women were used mostly as objects and housewives or short part movie stars. And Abby is wanting to become a real police officer by having practice through this security job on the movie set which is a good start and I know myself as well as all the other fans are hoping she does get her dream met. But in order to find out if it does we have to keep reading.

David Lucarelli has done another fantastic job with this issue and I can’t wait to read the other issues that will be coming to us soon. He has done something that,  I truly admire, in his series he gives us a sense of inspiration. Every time I read an issue of Tinseltown, I’m always inspired by the actions of Abby and even take that inspiration to continue doing artwork myself. Every now and then we all get a story that is remembered in the next 10 to 40 years, and I truly believe that David’s Tinseltown is going to be one of those series’s in the comic world where we all will remember the amazing story telling and the amazing comic made in the next 10 to 40 years maybe even longer. It’s truly an amazing story and I know we all are waiting patiently to read more amazing stories in the world of Tinseltown.

The artist Henry Ponciano, his artwork for the series is always amazing; every time I open an issue of Tinseltown, I’m always impressed and amazed by the comic art. Without artist like Ponciano, or even Kirby, etc. we would never get comics drawn instead they would just be small novels or would it be called short stories? My point is the artist is an important key factor to any comic book, because they help bring the imagery to life on the pages of the comic, with every stroke of a pencil and every ink trace we always see the finish product of what that artist brings to life. The artist is never appreciated enough for the hard hours and work that it takes to finish the product that way it can be brought to pages and to our stores every month or even every week. It does get challenging but no matter what the artist always pulls through and helps the creator deliver the final product. As to all thousands of readers, I would like to say thank you Henry Ponciano for helping bring to life such a fantastic read to each issue of Tinseltown.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes cop dramas especially ones that are period pieces!

Tinseltown (Issue 03) will be available at your local comic book shop on Wednesday July 25th!

Next Issue: Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 04) Terror in Tinseltown will be available I believe in a few months, but David Lucarelli can always correct me on that.