Killjoys (S04E01) The Warrior Princess Bride

Killjoys is back, ladies and germs!

Our favorite galactic bounty hunters are back at work.  Let me tell you, they’re better than ever.

The long awaited moment is finally here.  We get to see how Dutch and Johnnie met, and it’s as juicy as we thought.

Now, we knew they met when Johnnie tried stealing Lucy from Dutch.  What we didn’t know, was what happened from there.

How did they become Killjoys?  Why did Lucy hate Johnnie?  Why did Johnnie wear so much manscara?  And honey, did you check out the blinged out eyebrows on Pree and the handlebar mustache?  I LIVE.

Well, the stories as good as expected.  When Dutch and Johnnie met up, she was on the run after killing her husband.  He was wanted in almost every colony for theft.  They teamed up together and have been scamming their way through the galaxy ever since.

One such enterprise goes wrong however.  While importing wine through Old Town, they get pinged as smugglers and their ship is impounded.  In order to get it back, they have to give the wardens 10,000 joy.

Obviously they don’t have that kind of joy, so they resort to old tried and true methods.

Something goes wrong, however, and Johnnie gets made.  In an attempt to escape, Dutch winds up shooting a Killjoy and the shit really hits the fan.

When Dutch and Johnnie are taken back to their ship, they realize poison has been taken and there’s going to be an assassination attempt.

Joseph, the Killjoy Dutch shot, takes an interest in her and proposes a deal:  if she helps stop the attempt and find the assassin, Johnnie is free to go.

Johnnie doesn’t like the idea of leaving Dutch behind, so he defies her and helps her instead.

Enter the dancing duo.

At a cocktail party/mating ritual, they find the mark and prevent him from being poisoned, but Johnnie gets poisoned instead.  In order to save Johnnie, Dutch decides to resort to her methods she’d promised she’d given up.  Just when she thinks she’s going back down that rabbit hole, Johnnie pulls her back and together they talk the assassin into giving up the code that unlocks the antidote.

Johnnie is saved, and by saving Dutch, gets Lucy on his side, who’s been on his ass since he first tried to steal her.

They decide to leave their scamming days behind them and become legit as Killjoys.

And there you have it, boys and girls.  The story of Dutch and Johnnie.  Of course, I left a lot of stuff out to make you guys watch the episode, (because I’m devious like that), and because it’s totally worth it.

Let me know what you guys think of the episode!  How happy are you now that Dutch, Johnnie, and D’av are back in our lives?  It’s been way too damn long if you ask me.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the episode.