Interview with Michelle Lovretta

Ms. Lovretta,

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for me about the upcoming season.  As a fan of the show, I have so many.

What can we expect this season for our Killjoys?

The cheeky beginning to an epic end.  We have twenty episodes left in our show – ten airing this summer starting July 20, and then a last ten episodes in season five airing at some later date. It gave us just enough time to fit in some backstory elements and little Easter eggs, while also ramping up to answer the big series arc questions and resolve relationships. It’s actually quite a lot to do!  Thankfully, we have almost exactly the same team of writers from seasons 3-5, and their focus on fun, fights and friendship in space stays the course right til the end.

After the way we left last season, I’m dying to know, will we finally see the Lady this season?

You will meet her.  That doesn’t mean you’ll see her.

From the trailer, and the title of the first episode, it looks like it features Dutch and Johnny and their backstory.  Are we going to see how they met and more of why they trust each other so implicitly?

Definitely – I wrote episode 401 from my heart.  It was a chance to spend some time with the Dutch and John we know… before we ever knew them.  We’ve shown how they met – but what kept them together? When did John and Lucy first bond? How did Yala get the name Dutch? 401 answers that and more, and has a lot of fun doing it, all with an affectionate nod to the storytelling framework of The Princess Bride.  But it’s not just for backstory funsies… there’s an organic reason why this specific story must be told, and told now, and that riddle will be part of Dutch’s journey this year.

Do we get to see Lucy in robot form again?

We have a lot of fun things planned for Lucy so far and we’re currently still shooting, so never say never.

I loved hearing Pree sing last season.  Is there any chance we’ll get treated to a repeat performance?

Personally, I wish we’d record Thom’s full version so we could release it as a thank you to the fans.  I’m going to keep asking our team til they tell me to shut up.  And in the meantime, our new showrunner Adam is the one who wrote 309, the amazing episode that gave us Wayfaring Stranger, so I’d say between the two of us that odds are good Pretty Pree will sing again before we’re done.

Will Delle Seyah and D’avins baby be a means of peace for the Quad or war?

The baby will be a means of testing our family bonds, because that’s what’s most interesting to me.  The baby is special, for sure– but none of us wanted to do a Chosen One story.  Dutch is our chosen one.  Part of what she and the boys will have to choose these last eps is how to treat this child, and what we all are – and aren’t — owed by the more extraordinary people amongst us.  Are your gifts necessarily your debts?  Those philosophical issues aside, all three members of Team Awesomeforce have been grappling with their own parental baggage for as long as we’ve known them, and a lot of that now comes to a head.  We have a truly extraordinarily talented cast, but I’m extra proud of their work this last stretch of road.  They will break your heart and then put it all back together.