Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (S01E08) “Ghost Stories”

Ghost Stories is directed by Alex Garcia Lopez and written by Christine Boylan and Jenny Klein.

It’s the 8th anniversary of the ROXXON rig explosion and the night where Nathan Bowen (Andy Dylan) and Billy Johnson (Marqus Clae). Tandy (Olivia Holt) and her mom Melissa (Andrea Roth) plan to do something special and bond over Nathan’s death. The johnson family however, don’t really want to talk about Billy’s death. Detective O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) and Officer Fuchs (Lane Miller) are having breakfast, when Fuchs decides he will help  O’Reilly take down Connors (J.D. Evermore).

Tandy makes a visit to Ivan Hess (Tim Kang), but runs into Peter Scarborough (Wayne Pére) leaving Ivan’s room. With Ivan awake ROXXON needs to cover their tracks, that means making sure Ivan doesn’t talk. Tandy confronts Peter  about the rig, and how the workers became possessed with fear and attacked each other. Peter confesses knowing ROXXON were cutting corners, and he knew something bad would happen. Ivan confesses to Tandy that her father left him a memo with information that could help her, she decides to go get it at ROXXON.

Things are quiet at Tyrone’s house, since nobody really wants to even mention Billy. Tandy shows up at Tyrone’s to see how he’s doing. She meets Tyrone’s parents and tells them how her father also died on the same day. She invites Tyrone to join her and her mom on Nathan’s memorial and he agrees. Unfortunately, Tandy wanted more than to check up on Tyrone, snatching his mom’s ROXXON ID card. Tyrone’s extended family show up at his home and bring the cloak he saw when visit them with his dad. O’Reilly shows up at Tyrone’s and informs him how agitated Connors is, because of Billy’s death. That gives Tyrone an idea, he plans to impersonate Billy and use his powers to haunt Connors. He even shows his cloak powers to O’Reilly and Fuchs, and says he can control his powers with his old brother’s cloak.

Tyrone uses the cloak and begins haunting Connors, appearing and disappearing, making Connors think he’s seeing things. Connors follows him and tries to shoot him, Tyrone disappears every time he shoots. Ty touches Connors and sees his fears, that night he shot Billy. Tyrone tells him he’s Billy and will only go away when he confesses what he did to him. Connors finally confesses,  Fuchs video records everything and O’Reilly arrests him.

Tandy gets in ROXXON, and his successful in getting the memo. She runs into Peter and decides to tie him up and  interrogate him. Peter offers her money, for the memo and to keep her quiet, but she rejects it, because that would tarnish her fathers name.

Tandy and Tyrone meet for the memorial, Tandy tells him what happened. Just as Tyrone asks her if she wants to give up the money, both of the touch Tandy’s mom hands and they are tranported. They are in Tandy’s mom head, and they see a sweet memory she’s having with Nathan. Right after they also witness and bad memory, of Nathan slapping Tandy’s mom. And everything changes, Tandy sees both her mother and her father on a whole new light. That pushes her to call Peter and tell him she will take the money.

The episode finishes with O’Reilly happily getting home to her boyfriend Fuchs, only to find him dead inside a refrigerator.

Final Thoughts

Another great episode, things are finally happening and are being unveiled. Tandy is slowly finding out the truth about her parents relationship, and sees that her father isn’t as perfect as she thought he was.

When i first heard Tyrone’s plan, i did think it was stupid. But the execution was perfect, they made it just creepy enough for it to work. He really seemed like a ghost moving in the shadows and using someone’s fear against them. Finally get to see the scope of his powers in full force.

I just wished they had developed more the Fuchs character and his relationship with O’Reilly before killing him off. It was necessary, to show that just because Connors confessed, this isn’t over. But because of how under developed he was, his death felt to early.

Episodes are getting consistently good and with the finale approaching, i imagine it will just get better.


RATING: 8/10