Shooter (S03E05) “A Call To Arms”

This season of Shooters continues with Bob Lee looking into his past, but more particularly – his father, Earl. He now knows that the Phoenix program became what they now know as ATLAS and Bob Lee wants to know his father’s involvement. But as he digs deeper, most warn him that he wont like what he finds.
The episodes continues where they suspect National Security Advisor Patricia Gregson has the God Box – a box they know nothing about, but one ATLAS will easily kill for. Bob Lee reaches out to a friend of his Earl’s who served in Vietnam with him, to find out more about his father and Phoenix. Bob Lee is ambushed at the house of the supposed friend of Earl, Rodriguez, and learns it was a trap set to kill him, the truth leads him to DC. This causes his path to cross with Nadine, Isaac and Harris’ mission to stop ATLAS. As this crusade of Bob Lee’s continues to put strain on his family, Julie reminds him that she’s always there and always will be because she’s his wife and he isnt like Earl. Side note, the case against Julie has ended thanks to family lawyer, Sam Vincent.
They confirm Patricia has the God Box and save her from ATLAS agents when they retrieve it, realizing that her life has just as big a target as the rest of them. Patricia realizes this and they suggest she use it as a bargaining chip with Red Bama Sr. to get a seat at ATLAS. She alone knows that the rendezvous at an event will be her last moment alive and goes the final walk alone. Nadine is saved by Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Carlita, which shows us who the team consists of.
Gregson is shot and killed by an unknown operative who asserts his authority of Red Bama Snr. yet remains unknown to the rest of us. The team finds her body and thinks all is lost, until Harris realizes that she slipped the God Box in his chest pocket. The episode ends with Bob Lee getting a call from the real Rodriguez.
I suspect the next episode will continue with Bob Lee’s flashbacks to his younger days with his father and how that effects the present. Also, how the team will use this God Box to their advantage and Bob Lee will learn more about the truth of his father’s time in Vietnam and Phoenix. 

I thought it was a good episode. A lot of truths revealed, yet more mystery layered on top. It is a refreshing take on the previous seasons, yet has one wonder what will happen after this. It was sad to see Patrucia go as she was someone they all liked, but it added more mystery regarding this operative whose been involved for a long time now. I look forward to what happens next.