9-1-1 (S01E02) “Let Go”

*contains minor spoilers

The opening scene of this episode reminded me of being in line for my first roller-coaster ride. The fear, the anxiety, the absolute terror at hearing those screams, the sweaty palms yet, the total excitement for the adrenaline rush. The feeling of adrenaline is completely and utterly seductive in nature – however, with every high – there comes an incredible low, much like life itself.

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Buck experiences this low when a call ends with the death of his patient. This episode was incredibly beautiful as the team explained how each  of them deals with the loss of their patients. Nash played a powerful role in his attempt to help Buck – strengthening the father-son relationship shared between the two. The roller-coaster ride scene was powerful in the way  it portrayed the harsh reality that is the job of a first responder.

“They wanted machines. People who could flip a switch in their head and turn off every natural human instinctive emotion in their body, and I cannot do that. I don’t want to do that. I love this job because I get to be the tough guy, but I also get to help people”

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In this episode, Aby is struggling with caring for her mom – however, help arrives in the form of Carla (Cocoa Brown) – a total angel of a nurse. Carla is the kind of big sister i’d always wish I had had. She’s absolutely hilarious, witty and someone who you’d be able to cry over chocolate ice-cream with. The development of the friendship between these two is going to be a hilarious road to take.

“Girl, you’re a hot spiced pumpkin latte. You’re sitting around getting cool when there is a big ol’ hunk of man that would love to burn his tongue on you.” – Carla

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My heart bleeds for Athena in this episode.

Her marriage problems are taking a turn for the worse – which has disastrous effects on her and her family.  The firefighters welcome her with open arms to join for dinner –allowing her to avoid awkward dinners with her actual family. The only source of affection she receives – turns out to be from a rather attractive yet total wimp of a robber (spoiler – if cornered by Dobermans – hamburgers, always go with hamburgers).

Throughout the episode, Buck attempts to deal with the loss of his patient as well as his new found fame – in particular with women (no surprise – he’s a total package). One of the women – turns out to be our own Abby Clark as she is pining over the fact that Buck is one of the few who has called her a hero after helping out with a call situation.

I was totally rooting for Abbey when she calls Buck and was totally ready to smack him when he turned her down – however, there was something in his tone of voice and the way he smouldered – I concluded with Abby that the right no is a hundred times better than the wrong yes. I know it sounds totally lust-induced but, I for one can totally see these two being together (call me a hopeless romantic – this ship shall sail in untroubled waters).

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Buck  eventually appears to move on from the loss (after freezing at a scene and sleeping with his new therapist – no shocker there) – as well as a visit from the patient’s sister, in which she reveals that the patient was depressed and suicidal. This visit helps enforce the idea that sometimes no matter how much we want to save – some people just do not want to be saved.

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In my opinion – in this episode we start to see what this series is really capable of. The events which occur are still totally cliché and damn right impossible but totally typical of medical dramas of today’s times – making it the perfect show to become engrossed in post Greys.

The final scene of this episode should be taken with a word of precaution.

( I was particularly interested in how the roller-coaster scene was created and found an interesting article – http://wsbuzz.com/tv-movies/9-1-1-ryan-murphy-talks-creating-rollercoaster-rescue/  Enjoy!:) )