UnREAL (S04E02) “Double Down”

Episode 2 continues to ramp up this season like a roller coaster so let’s get to it! Beware of spoilers below.

I feel like this season is Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) Swan Song. She’s been left unchecked for so long its like she’s forgotten about the girl who longed for a cabin in the woods. Even Quinn (Constance Zimmer) seems taken aback by how far she’s been willing to go to manipulate the contestants. It doesn’t help that Tommy (Francois Arnaud) is constantly fueling her drive to make great television, which means as many tears and drama as possible. She is completely consumed by everything ‘Everlasting’, causing her to even put it before Quinn. Between the show and Rachel’s obsession with getting married, she’s lost who she is. I suppose one could argue that this IS who she is now, but that would be incredibly sad.

As we know, Quinn is pregnant! Yay Quinn! She is understandably torn about the news but seems to take it in stride. Chet (Craig Bierko) even seems to be stepping up to be the supportive partner. Sadly the one person she truly wants to share the moment with is busy being obsessed with a certain TV shows production. Quinn does her best to try and lock Rachel down for a private moment, but it’s not until near the end of the episode that she succeeds. Rachel is mostly happy for her best friend, though the talk wasn’t without some light sniping. One would think that Rachel would be absolutely overjoyed at the news, and maybe a past version of her would have been, but new Rachel just isn’t interested in other people’s happiness. Quinn taught her far too well.

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‘Everlasting’ itself has gotten a slight overhaul thanks to new producer Tommy. Not only is it All-Stars, but it also now features more elaborate competitions. Understandably some of the contestants are not a fan, as most of the competitions are sexist and gross. Many of them are placated by production at some point or another, especially after the return of Alexi at the end of the first episode. It’s easy to feel bad for them, even though this isn’t their first time doing this.

Speaking of Alexi, he claims to be clean and sober which comes as a shock. Jay on the other hand… he seems to have truly embraced being an addict. He even rolls his eyes, scoffs, and walks out of an NA meeting. As they say, the truest sign of an addict is a person who can’t admit they have a problem. Jay sees himself as a hotshot producer now, perhaps he thinks cocaine comes with the territory. He is on the slipperiest of slopes right now, and producing two shows might be what pushes him over the edge. Only time will tell, and luckily we get to watch the next episode right away!

Catch us next time when we talk about episode 3!