Interview with Madison Smith from Salvation

Thrilled to introduce y’all to Madison Smith who’s joining CBS’ hit show Salvation as White House staffer Nate Ryland. Smith also stars in the superhero web series, NarcoLeap, which you can find on YouTube! 
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credit Jenna Berman
Thank you so much for interviewing with us, we’re excited for the current season of Salvation and learn all about Nate Ryland! 
Of course, it’s my pleasure. And yes I’m really excited for the world to get to know a bit more about Nate.
 What first drew you to the character of Nate? 
When I auditioned for Nate I didn’t know too much about him, just that he has a past with Jillian (Jacqueline Byers) and he works as a White House staffer. Basically, as much as the audience knows about him now. But as I got to work as him more, the positive outlook he has on life became infectious.
We love Salvation, it’s such a complicated show and definitely not one you can miss a single episode of! Were you already watching the show before you got cast, or did you have to play catch up?
I actually had auditioned for the role of Liam way back when they were casting the pilot. So I knew about the show before it had started to air and couldn’t wait to watch. I did re-watch the first season once I got cast as Nate to make sure I was up to date on everything happening in the show. It was the best homework.
Were you able to change aspects of Nate’s character once you came on board? 
 In the audition, I tried to bring as much of myself to the role as possible and kept that mindset throughout my first few episodes. And once I’d done a few I had a talk with one of our executive producers who said to keep doing what I’m doing. So seems like I made the right call.
 In your own end-of-the-world scenario, what would you spend your last days doing? 
I would love to be on set. Acting is what I love to do. In this little scenario, I’m pretending that I’m the only one who knows this information. And if that was the case I’d love to spend my days doing what makes me happy; playing pretend. Or I’d go to Disneyland with my girlfriend.
You’ve had roles in some of our favorite geek shows – Legends of Tomorrow and Supernatural. Do you find yourself drawn to genre shows?
I like to go where the work is more than anything. But yes I love the genre shows. I had watched every season of Supernatural when I booked the role. It was a show I loved since before I knew I wanted to be an actor. So booking it was such a surreal experience. I hope one day I can be on a show that can keep their audience hooked for so long.
What’s been the funniest thing you’ve had happen on a set?
The funniest thing happened during one of my first bookings, a movie of the week called Chupacabra vs The Alamo. In this movie, my, *ahem*, downstairs gets bitten off by a Chupacabra. As if that wasn’t funny enough the most awkward part for me was wearing a prosthetic on my groin and being covered with fake blood laying on the ground for almost 8 hours. When I was able to take a break I walked, or more accurately I waddled across a full football field to get a bottle of water. It took me 10 minutes because of the blood and prosthetic.
You have a web series out now, NarcoLeap, that sounds super interesting. Another superhero show! What can you tell us about the series?
I’m so excited for people to watch NarcoLeap. We actually just had our Cast/Crew screening the other day and I’m so happy with how it turned out.
It’s about a girl named Kelsey Atkins (Chelsey Reist) who has the ability to transfer her consciousness into other people’s bodies when she falls asleep due to her Narcolepsy. I play her best friend, Aidan Webb, who is the only person she turns to when she learns she has this ability. Once she proves it to him they start to experiment further with the limits of her gifts. But this draws the attention of a secret branch of government who want to know how she can do what she does. This takes Kelsey and Aidan into a world of espionage, changing their lives forever.
How did you get involved with NarcoLeap?
I auditioned for NarcoLeap. After I read the script for the first time I knew how special this project was. The potential for this show is endless and I can’t wait to see what we do next.
If you were going to star in a Marvel or DC movie, who would you most like to play?
Easy answer. Superman. I love Superman and always have. I think he represents a person that all of us should strive to be.
What’s been your weirdest (or most interesting) fan interaction? 
I don’t know if this counts but I once got asked for an autograph and the person, after I handed back the signature, asked “who are you by the way? Are you famous?” I laughed and said “I guess not”.
Is there anything else you’d like your fans to know?
Just to stay tuned for an amazing season of Salvation and don’t forget to watch NarcoLeap now available on YouTube!
Thank you again for agreeing to the interview!
Thanks for talking with me. It’s been a pleasure.