Reverie (S01E08) “Despedida”

Death and dying are a part of life, but what if you can relive those moments that made you feel most alive? Reverie is able to offer this to people, but it comes at a cost. Can Mara (Sarah Shahi) redeem herself before time runs out?

After Mara’s questionable last mission, she is trying to push past the what if’s and move forward. Having a night of passion with Chris (Sam Jaeger) certainly helps to ease her worries. Onira Tech is all about figuring out solutions to potential problems, Alexis (Jennifer Lu) and Paul (Sendhil Ramamurthy) are on the case. Mara’s confidence in their abilities doesn’t stifle their own fears.

Reveries01e08123 - Reverie (S01E08) "Despedida"
A Bittersweet Goodbye. (Screen Capture)

With Mara’s focus drawn on her latest case, there is no time to lose. The complexity of each person’s life makes it harder for one to assume what they are after in their own, personal Reverie’s. What started off as a typical love story, was anything but. In Mara’s own clouded judgment, she has interrupted Pilar’s (Anne Bentacourt), well laid out plan.

Each person who has gotten lost in their Reverie’s seems to have the same level of stubbornness. They are running towards something, and if it get’s misconstrued it throws everything off balance. Which once was a love story, was anything but, instead, it was a distant memory of a time where Pilar stood for something. Mara must think out of the box to help her achieve her goal before the consequences rain down on them.

Alexis and Paul are dealing with the looming threat, after Mara’s unfortunate “accident” inside her last Reverie. The secrets are starting to scratch at the surface, and Alexis must do something that goes against all of her better judgments. Seeking out Oliver (Jon Fletcher), in search of answers and a solution to a projected crisis. It’s a dangerous move, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Reveries01e0812 - Reverie (S01E08) "Despedida"
Alexis and Oliver. (Screen Capture)

Mara is always one to take on a challenge, and her resolve isn’t going to falter now. Now that she is aware of the prime objective in Pilar’s world, the solution proves to be better than the real thing. Saving a group of young girls from certain death has kept the elderly woman going all these years. Charlie (Dennis Haysworth), comes through with his unending connections, she is reunited in a tear-inducing reunion with the girls she saved all those years ago.

Between the shards of happiness, there is something more sinister waiting for the right moment to strike. Not only has Oliver lost himself inside of Reverie, Mara has come unglued. Everything she thought existed, seemed to be something of her own making. It was an unexpected turn and the next episode is going to be one of insanity.

a new episode of reverie airs wednesday, august 1 on nbc at 10/9c


Photos: Screen Captures taken by the author of the review. Featured Image: NBC