Salvation (S02E05) “White House Down”

Episode 5 surrounds Grace trying to get her recording to the White House to show everyone that in the eyes of the law, Mackenzie is the legitimate president and prevent the Coup by former president Bennet. We saw in the previous episode that Claire’s brother, Detective Carter saved from the helicopter being taken out by an RPG. Grace has formed an unlikely alliance with Carter, yet still unknown to him that she is the one that killed his sister, and they also have no idea where his loyalty lies. Liam has decided to go back to resist, for reasons intertwined with his truth – yet somewhat blinded by love.

Ha*ris and Tanz are both equally worried about Grace risking her life for this sworn statement and now is stuck in the “war zone” that is downtown DC. And with the internet down and the streets lined with Bennet’s men searching for Grace, they now have to make the impossible journey to the White House with no outside help and a target on their back.

And if that is not enough, the ICBM carrying 13 nuclear warheads is coming down on the original 13 major cities due to the internet being down. Alycia has enough trust in Liam to bring him into the fold. She asks for his help in preventing a nuclear attack as the missile isn’t syncing with their stations due to the internet being down. They both turn to Darius for help, which is found to be linked to their “daddy issues”. Their love and hate for Darius is what connects them, but after they kiss, Alycia seems to be hiding the truth and is now conflicted due to her feelings for Liam.  Liam through everything hasn’t lost faith in Darius.

To add on to all of their problems, the White House is under attack. Mackenzie chose to stand with her country and not abandon the Oval. She orders Harris to escort Darius to the bunker, for worst case scenario.  Darius, in expected fashion, decided to disobey the direct of The President and try to rescue Grace. Liam and Alycia contact Darius for his help with the warhead, but Darius bargains with them for help. Darius gets Liam to track Grace and use this to rescue her, which in turn they ask for the internet to be turned back on. With them – Darius, Harris, Grace and Alonzo – stuck in the tunnels under the White House they need a plan. Darius makes another deal with Liam and Alycia and hands themselves over to Bennet’s men. With the White House almost overrun, phone lines down and nowhere else to – what else could they do.

Moments before the Oval Office is taken by Bennet, Mackenzie does what any noble person would:

Mackenzie: “Gentleman. I release you from your duty to me. None of you have to die today, it wouldn’t serve any purpose. But I will not be abandoning this office. For if we lose to Monroe Bennet, we lose the soul of this nation. And I will not let that happen without a fight.”
Secret Service Agent: “Ma’am, we’re not going anywhere…”

A patriotic scene found in all American series and movies. It portrays the type of people we chose to lead us forward, the type of people that our leaders should be.

In a last-ditch deceptive effort to take back the country, Darius’ plan is perfect. They sacrifice themselves and allow Bennet to showcase his own downfall. Once they are all captured in the Oval Office, Bennet turns on the internet – proving to Alycia that Darius isn’t all that bad. They then come through with their part of the deal – stream Justice Chang’s video on every screen available. Leading to Bennet and his crew were arrested, but is this the end?

Thought on the coming episodes:

  • We know Bennet was just a pawn used by Claire, so who are the Puppet Masters?
  • Alycia is starting to have conflicting thoughts on her original, unknown to us, plan. Are her feelings for Liam real?
  • The symbol found on the implant in apparent suicide victims neck and on Claire’s flash drive, what does it all mean.]
  • Since the rail gun is safe, will it be a viable option or will Liam’s plan be better?

This episode encompassed the end of one problem, Bennet. But what next? How will Mackenzie repair this fractured nation and inspire confidence again. Will the truth of Claire’s death come out and how will it affect the White House and its residents.

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