The Bold Type (S02E08) “Plan B”

Hello TBT army! This week’s episode was so emotional, so intense, I can barely put in words my feelings. There’s no doubt we could comment a little about it. And that’s what we’re gonna do!

Things were focused on Jane again, mostly. I know some of you noticed this season is mainly about her and some of you aren’t happy about it. I got to say that I am quite satisfied it’s about her, I mean her character develops with every little thing she is going through. And she is going through a lot lately. Her love-life caused a necessity of taking an after pill. What went well is that Ben and Jane finally made their relationship official, he called her his girlfriend and that was suuupeeer cuuuuteee! But she wasn’t feeling great and she had an appointment at the doctor. The visit caused her having tough thoughts on mind like whether or not she wants to have children, whether or not she should start planning on having them. It’s all connected with the presence of a positive BRCA gene. It kinda dictates her future now and that’s a little too much for her, especially when she’s only 25 and she’s making career in Scarlet. At first Ben’s reaction for that information was amazing, he hugged her, he cared. Then he started acting more like a doctor and less as a boyfriend he admitted he is for her in the exact same episode. I agree that he sounded like a doctor. But that’s not a bad thing. He was worried, he simply tried to help as much as he could. And we cannot blame him for that! I think that’s a lot to process for him too. It’s not like he backed away. He just didn’t find the right word in that time, which is kinda funny, cuz they were in a middle of a play in scrabble. Sometimes you just don’t know what to say or how to say. Or you just simply need to think about it. But you have every right to. I think he still behaved better then Pinstripe with the guessing what happened to Jane when he saw her at Scarlet lobby. Ryan was amusing but a little tacktless. And also – he guessed hahaha. But Ben is a perfect boyfriend and let’s stick to it. I also loved how Jane opened about her problems to Jacqueline, the two of them being supportive are just awesome. I’m very jealous! And when Jane told girls about her mum and how she doesn’t remember times where she wasn’t ill… That she’s wondering what kind of mother she was… Breathtaking. All the feels. The compassion. The support.

Sutton was in position when she had to take care of the whole fashion department when Oliver was gone in business. She was a little unprepared for the meeting, but she somehow found the way to make things right. She is so creative and she can always find a way out of every situation. I’m amazed how talented that girl is and how she just puts plans into life with a lot of involvement and so little of objections. She did her best for Oliver even she was sorta doomed to failure after agreeing to cut the budget. And she did even better that the original plan assumed! That girl is unstoppable! I’m glad Oliver rewarded her with a flight to Paris for the Fashion Week. She so deserved it! And now her dream is gonna come true. Can’t wait to see her smile! Oh and Sutton offering everyone a juice while Oliver is gone – so great! I’d take one too!

Kat was offered to become a face of organic cosmetics. It seemed like they want her because she’s the youngest head of department at Scarlet. But there was trick in that, some hidden intentions the other party had on mind. They were gonna use her origin and sexuality to promote it, not her potential. The worst part was that they’re racist and anti-LGBT and they wanted to tie up with her just to deny that. The blond mean lady who tries to limit Jacqueline in her job, Cleo, should have known better when she came with that offer to Kat. She put to the test the credibility of Kat and Scarlet magazine. I’m so happy Jacqueline spoke up and told that women what she deserved to hear. Jacqueline is such a role model, she’s a life couch for all of us. And I loved how she told Kat that she would be disappointed if Kat wouldn’t try something like that with other, confidential company in the future. Jacqueline is so much more than just a boss. And Kat not losing self-confidence after unsuccessful contract is exactly what we needed to see and to get a lesson from.

Nothing like the together scenes touched me more in that episode. Girls where having each other’s back all the time, figuring out every problem Jane or Sutton brought to discuss. They didn’t let any of them to take care of the issue alone. They are always in that issue together, no matter what. That’s what I love the most about this show. You won’t learn it anywhere nowadays. And The Bold Type tried to teach you how to deal with things that happen to you. And the answer is simply: together. With our characters it’s always a three-package. Don’t you ever even think about forgetting that hahaha. Ben almost forgot but they quickly remembered him. Amazing scene btw. Face-timing when something happened is still a thing! But so is hugging when the other person feels bad. And so is listening when the other person needs to talk. And so is giving some time to calmly process difficult information after you gave it to someone. At least it should be! Otherwise, you’ve done something wrong. I will leave you with this thought. See you next week guys!

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