The Originals (S05E12) “The Tale of Two Wolves” by BingerWatcher, Ash, Teri & Tess


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This episode was written by Carina Adly Mackenzie and Julie Plec. It was produced by Scott Dandorf. Finally, in the last two episodes of the series, we get some Uncle Elijah and Hope bonding. Should have known better… We get an unwelcomed surprise from the past.
Hope’s (Danielle Rose Russell) cure lies in Mystic Falls. Ah. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) figured out the whole plan. He’s entrusted Elijah (Daniel J. Gillies) the only person he could rely on is such a task with protecting Hope. Sound familiar? I thought it did.

Hope’s Living on Borrowed Time.
Elijah (Daniel J. Gillies) realizes the immense gravity of the situation and the fact his niece, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) is dying. It’s quality vs. quantity at this point. He wants to make every moment of her life count. It’s the small and endearing moments that count. What does Elijah do? He let’s Hope to drive his Bentley to a diner. Where they have a milkshake together. This is where we meet Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), the waiter. He seemed to be extremely infatuated with Hope. There are some bullies from their high school at the next table. Who short Landon $7 dollars on the bill. That’s okay, because Uncle Elijah is a generous man. He leaves a 300-hundred-dollar tip to cover everything.
The next life lesson is at Mystic Falls H.S. Uncle Elijah understood that Hope needed to avenge her boyfriend Landon and what they did to him. What’s the saying? “Revenge is a dish best served cold?” Well you need to meet tag team Hope and Uncle Elijah. They devised the perfect plan. Hope did a spell at the Mystic Falls H.S. car wash. Oh yes. They thought they were going to get away with robbing Hope Mikaelson’s boyfriend? (NO, I, DON’T. THINK. SO.) Hope raised her hands high and did a spell. Those cars froze and all the windows broke! Never mess with a Mikaelson, ever.
In the afterlife scene, Hayley told Hope:
Hayley says to Hope: “You have the very best of me in you.”
Elijah says to Hope: “I see so much of your mother in you.”
When you compare these two very crucial scenes, it’s a screaming anvil in your face of what is to come in the finale. Hope will survive the finale. It’s highly likely her Uncle Elijah won’t. I am glad finally after all this time they decided to have them bond. Why did they wait to almost the end of the show?
The only regret I have is Hope not knowing all the things her Uncle Elijah has done for her. It was not to be recognized or patted on the back. Only because she was family and loved, always and forever. When they talked about how much alike they really were. They were both given an immense responsibility at such a young age. Elijah had to care for his siblings. Hope had to be the savior of her family.

Savior Complex.
Hope couldn’t save her Mom. She can’t save her Dad.
“Ok, I’m not the savior. I’m a murderer.” Hope tells her Uncle Elijah
Hope is just a young girl who thought she was doing the right thing. She tried saving her mother by doing a binding spell, yet the witches and vampires still found her. Hope is finally taking a responsibility for a role in her mother’s death. No matter how you look at it, she carries an immense amount of guilt. They call it the “Mikaelson Guilt”.

Caroline and Klaus.
Caroline says to Klaus: “I think a part of me has always known that you weren’t the villain of my story.”
After all this time. Caroline (Candice King) admits that she knew Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was not the villain in her story. He was her friend. They would always share a connection.

The HOLLA is gone for now?
Thanks to the permission of Caroline and Alaric (Matt Davis), the Gemini twins were able to cypher the HOLLA out of Hope and into Klaus. It was indeed a very risky and tricky spell. This was the entire reason of their trip to Mystic Falls. I have to say watching this part I was a bit apprehensive. Klaus has the HOLLA in him now. I just can’t help but think Elijah can’t live without his brother or Hayley. He will in the end likely sacrifice himself, so Hope and Klaus can live.

 @TheOriginalsOZ Hope and Uncle Elijah July 26 18 300x295 - The Originals (S05E12) “The Tale of Two Wolves” by BingerWatcher, Ash, Teri & Tess                                                              EDIT: @DGilliesSource
Hayley: Save that Dance.
It frightened me that Hope saw Hayley (Phoebe J. Tonkin) in afterlife and Jackson (Nathan Parsons) was there. We all know what that was about. (cough) PLOT POINT (cough). Honestly, I could clearly understand seeing Hayley’s parents there. I could even understand her friends, Eve, etc. As for the others? That was added in for sole intents purposes of giving mud in the eyes of a certain fan base. We hear you loud and clear, writers/TpTb.
Hayley had told Hope something before she woke up. Hayley wanted her daughter to keep living. She also wanted Hope to pass a message to her Uncle Elijah for her.
I loved Elijah and Hope’s continuation of the conversation.
“She’s holding you to that last dance.” – Hope says to Uncle Elijah
You use all this subterfuge with “dangling the carrot” over the fans. Showing us other characters, when Hope delivers the real message for her mother. I don’t understand what the point of this scene was. (more subterfuge). Hayley is showing us and telling us who’s she is going to choose, Elijah Mikaelson.

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“The Originals” (S05E12) “The Tale of Two Wolves” Random Musings:
• “Since you’re inviting Lord Voldemort to campus.” – Alaric to Caroline (You kill me. Funny one. Calling Klaus Mikaelson, Voldermort?)
• Hope/Elijah in the car, she talks about how Hayley and Klaus “banged”. Elijah’s face: Spare me the details.
• Was it me or did it look like Alaric was part of the “TWD” cast with that bow walking around trying to kill Klaus?
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