Killjoys (S04E02) Dangerously Johnnie

We’re back to where season three ended in this episode of Killjoys,

though some time has passed since we last saw our heroes.  D’av, (Luke Macfarlane) Johnnie, (Aaron Ashmore), and Delle Seyah, (Mayko Nguyen), have crash landed on the ass end  of now where.  While trying to find help, they get ambushed and Johnnie’s knife wound opens, causing major problems.

They make it to the outpost, but it’s not as outsider friendly as they where led to believe.

Desperate for medical attention, they try to find a doctor, but there’s none available.  The only option that seems to make since is using the last of Delle Seyah’s green to turn Johnnie into a Hullen.  Yeah, you read that right.

In order to save Johnnie, they want to turn him into a Hullen..

At first, everything seems to be ok, but as with most things they try, it goes sideways fast.


Back at the Rac, Zeph and Pip are trying to figure out what happened to everyone,

but because they’re surrounded by sixes, they have to be extremely careful.  Even though Delle Seyah  called the war off, they still react to movement.  They form an escape plan and make their way to Aneela’s (Hannah John-Kamen), ship, where Fancy, (Sean Baek) Turin, (Patrick Garrow) and Pree, (Thom Allison)have set up ship.  They tell Zeph  that they haven’t found Dutch, (Hannah John-Kamen), D’av, and Johnnie.

On Team Holidays are going to suck, (otherwise known as D’av, Delle Seyah, and Johnny)

Johnnie wakes up from the conversion on heightened sense immediately.  He goes from gleeful to deadly in 0.1 seconds, and has almost no impulse control, the first steps in turning Hullen.  They have to get out fast,  so Delle Seyah can cleanse him, but the other people at the post have other plans.

It turns out they’re slaves, left to work off massive amounts of debt and see the three as a bargaining chip.  Johnnie figures out what’s happening, and kills the guards in a blink of an eye.  What he didn’t realize, however, that the farm was the prisoners themselves, and they where farming human organs.  Also, the guards were all embedded with tracking devices that activated once they were killed.

It turns out they’d been double crossed by the very people they were trying to help.  Go figure.

Back on Westerly,

Pree and Gared have to convince an ex-scarback turned dominatrix (Fairuza) that Gared just happens to know to help guide them in the Necropolis.  As you can expect, it takes some convincing on their part.  She’s not happy about going back. She eventually agrees, but under two conditions:  She goes with them, and she keeps any “artifacts” she finds.  They agree, and head back to the ship to get ready for the next stage of the plan.

Back with D’av, Johnny, and Delle Seyah,

trouble is coming in waves.  The embedded chips in the prison guards activated the moment Johnny killed them, and now the girl tells them that’ll bring reinforcements.  While waiting for the reinforcements, Johnny figures out how to remove the trackers and frees the slaves.

At Aneela’s ship, Zeph is readying Aneela’s old prison in hopes of using it as a portal to the necropolis.

She gets the portal to work, and they’re back in the necropolis, looking for clues as to what happened to Dutch, D’av, and Johnny.  Remember those freaky spiders at the end of last season?  When the Lady went all Arachnophobia on us?  Those make a curtain call here.  When Pip went to find the control room, there was one of those creepy Hullen figures.  She comes back to life, (so to speak) only to vomit out one of those freaky spiders that seem to be headed right for Pip’s face.

But before we see what happens, the screen goes black.

Zeph and  Fairuza are running to Pip’s rescue when he nearly tackles Zeph.  Everything seems fine, but he does have a fresh cut on his face.  Did he get infected by the spider?  I guess we’re going to have to wait and see.  Meanwhile, he relays what happened on the tapes he found and it’s obviously not good news.

By this point, Johnny seems to have gone full Hullen.

He betrays D’av, knocks him out with laughing gas.  He set Delle Seyah up by giving her a distress signal from one of the fallen guards instead of Lucy’s beacon.  Things don’t look good for them at this point.

Back at Aneela’s ship, the rest of the team gather and download the intel.

They listen to the recording of the last minutes before Johnny has Lucy detach the elevator from the ship.  Zeph heard a sound, and realized it was a tracking device Lucy attached so she could find Johnny later on.  With that as the starting point, the plan is set on how to try to find them.  Meanwhile, they have no clue in hells what happened to Dutch and Aneela.

So what did you think of this episode of Killjoys?

What was the big standout for you?  Other than Johnny becoming a Hullen, of course.  Let me know in the comments below.