UnREAL (S04E03) “Wild Card”

What an appropriate title from this point in the season! Read below for my review, but beware of spoilers!

This weeks focus shifts to Alexi and Jay, as shooting for the first episode of their show begins. The ‘Everlasting’ team creates a promotional tie-in where one of the contestants can be a guest judge on ‘Passport to Dance’. Of course, they pick Candy for that extra promo for show ‘Stripper Queen’. Everyone else feels a tad jilted, which is easily readable on their faces in the crowd. Alexi, not one to be upstaged, purposely tanks the live opening. He’s lashing out in the only way he knows to when it comes to Jay. To be fair he is battling a host of demons, but by sabotaging the show he’s putting others jobs on the line. Alexi has always been selfish, but I had hoped that getting clean would have opened his eyes to that behaviour. ‘Passport to Dance’ has been steeped in drama since its introduction last season, so one could assume it’s cursed from all of the bad production karma.

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Image: Recap Guide

Shockingly in all of this, Candy actually seems to be a decent person. She’s a single mother who’s looking to get her 15 minutes of fame to ultimately take care of her child. She does have talent I suppose if erotic dancing is your style, but I am more drawn to her personality. She’s confident, strong, and earnestly trying to be a good parent. You can’t fault her for taking advantage of the opportunities given to her, and she does the best she can with them. She grew on me the most this season next to Maya, which was a pleasant surprise.