Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger(s01e09) ” Back Breaker”

Back Breaker was directed by Jeff Woolnough and written by Niceole R. Levy and Peter Calloway. It sees Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) dealing with the aftermath of their plans. Also shows Detective O’Reilly (Emma Lahan) mourning Officer Fuchs (Lane Miller).

The episode starts with Auntie Chantelle (Angela Davis), who’s Evita’s aunt, performing some kind of ritual, searching for something. She later arrives at home, to a very worried Evita (Noelle Renee Bercy). Chantelle tells her that soon ROXXON will destroy the city and the divine pair could save them. They know that Ty is one of the divine pair, but they don’t know who the other one is.

Tyrone’s parents finally know the truth about Billy’s death, and Tyrone tells them that he was right all along. He gets frustrated however, when his parents fail to acknowledge that, and move on like nothing has happened. Tandy is right back where she started the series, but with an upgrade. She has found out that she doesn’t only see people’s hopes, but she can steal them too. So rather than stealing material things from rich kids, she steals their hopes intead, which makes her feel good. She does the same to Mina Hess (Ally Maki), after going to visit her and her father.

With the money she was give by ROXXON, she finally bails Liam (Carl Lundstedt). She shows him the church where she lives, and tells him she is ready to have a future and make a family. Still frustrated with his parents, Tyrone beats when of his classmates, until there’s blood running out from the classmates nose. He gets detention, as the pastor that is one of the teachers in school, puts two books on his straight lifted arms.

Tandy and Liam have a moment, that goes to a kiss and ends up with Tandy in Liam’s head. She sees herself in a wedding dress, walking down the aisle to Liam. Ty has very heated argument with Father Delgado (Jaime Zevallos) . He wants to leave detention against Father’s will, and decides to punch him. Father Delgado dodges the punch and has him on a head lock, Tyrone touches his arm and gets in his head. He sees a drunk Father Delgado inside a wrecked car and a little girl on the floor. He sees a door and decides to go through it. Meanwhile Tandy  still sees herself get married to Liam, but we find out that what she told Liam about  the future she wanted isn’t exactly true. As she starts to steal Liam’s hopes, Tyrone shows up in her head.

Detective O’Reilly is dealing with Detective Fuchs death. She gets super drunk, at a bar predominantly used by policeman. She sees Connors totally free, after admitting to the murder of Billy, so decides to start a fight with him, punching him, but the cops stop her and Connors starts hitting her instead. But the cops make no effort to stop Connors from hitting O’Reilly.

Tandy goes to Tyrone’s school to tell him to stay out of her head. Evita is right beside him and tells Tandy to back off. Tandy touches Evita and gets to her head, seeing her hopes of being a doctor, but when she tries to steal her hopes, Evita stops her. Evita realizes she is the other person of the divine pair and leaves running. Tyrone asks Tandy if he was doing to Evita what she was trying to do to Liam. They start a big argument over who’s life is more in downhill, and Tyrone asks Tandy if she talked to her mom about her abusive relationship with her father.

Tandy returns to the church searching for Liam. Unfortunately, she doesn’t find him and also doesn’t find her money. Mina Hess is going to deal with a ROXXON rig, but sees people already working on it. The rig explodes in front of them and they become wild, like what happened with the workers in the first rig explosion. They chase her and she runs away.

Tyrone has a heart-to-heart with her mom, on why she never tried getting justice for Billy. His mother tells him that, justice for Billy was hard, because he was just another black kid shot by a cop. So she decided to focus on Tyrone and put Billy behind her. Tyrone doesn’t accept that and tells her that Justice must be found, not for him or his parents, but for future generations. The scene has a big twist when the police arrive in Tyrone’s home to arrest him for the murder of officer Fuchs, and Tyrone runs away.

Tandy goes to her mother’s house, she is ready to talk to her mother and about her relationship with her father. She calls on her mother, but she isn’t answering, when a woman  tries to shoot her. It is the same woman that Tandy watched kill her mom’s lawyer ex boyfriend. She tells Tandy that she will shoot her mom in a count of 3, if she doesn’t come out from hiding. The episode ends right after the killer finishes the count down.


Finals Thoughts

It was a good episodes when it comes to events, but character wise was poor. Our main characters are right back where they started, but now worse because they know about their powers. Tyrone is actually worse, because he wasn’t that angry before. It’s frustrating for them and is frustrating for us, the viewers, to see them back where they started.

This episode felt like it was just a set up for Evita’s future, as she can resist Tandy’s and Tyrone’s powers. And Detective O’Reilly who’s at the path to become Mayhem. A anti-hero in the Cloak and Dagger comics, as she obviously will lose faith on the police force and try and take justice to her own hands.

On a positive note, loved the scene with both Tyrone and Father Delgado and Tyrone and his mom, Aubrey Joseph keeps impressing me, no matter how bad the episode was.

I was kind of disappointed, as i was expecting something huge to set up the season finale. Instead it decides to focus more on other characters developments than our main characters. But i’m expecting big things in the finale

Rating: 6.5/10