Shooter (S03E06) “Lines Crossed”

Season 3 of Shooter continues with Bob Lee trying to find out the truth about his fathers past. Bob Lee now knows that his father was one of the founding members of ATLAS, born from Phoenix. Now, he wants to know why they (ATLAS) killed him and how that ties into the present.

The episode began with Bob Lee and Isaac having to follow Gutierrez’s instructions to meet with him. They both end up being taken on the bus and are moved to an undisclosed location to continue the meet.  We learn how paranoid Gutierrez is: changing clothes, undisclosed location, won’t talk in front of his team, these actions make us wonder why. He now runs a marijuana operation for a source of income, after having dropped off the grid. With both Isaac and Bob Lee doubting his identity, he shows the “accidental discharge” wound in his leg and begins to talk about Vietnam and the Phoenix program. Bob Lee can’t accept the truth of what’s being said and denies it profusely, as he would.

Gutierrez talked about how it wasn’t a military operation anymore – no dog tags, American weapons, military outfits – it was a black ops unit. Orders began coming from a shadow faction inside the Pentagon. Katherine Mansfield, the brains of the operation, recruited straight out of MIT by Kissenger. Met with Earl and began to understand how to plan missions more efficiently. She spent the next 40 years planning missions and trapped targets no matter which way they went, due to Earl’s insight and the predictive algorithm. Bob Lee began to learn that his father may not have been the man he once knew. After a mission in 1970, Rodriguez learned the truth of what they were doing. The mission was to take out a VC general who crossed the border to purchase black market weapons for the Vietcong, Gutierrez and Earl were responsible for the kill. But, when Gutierrez got there all he saw were fancy suits and clothing – no military gear or weapons. And after the kill, things went south and an innocent was killed. As it turns out, the supposed general was a drug smuggler who wouldn’t comply.

Earl told Gutierrez that nothing come before the mission. That night after the mission, Gutierrez knew the only way to get out alive was through the “accidental discharge”. He went to ground after Earl was killed by the sniper, which we learn to be because Earl wanted to blow the lid on ATLAS, or Phoenix as it was previously known. Gutierrez mentions that they should talk to Katherine, who was last heard to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. He leaves them with a piece of advice, “the more you dig, the more you suffer”.

Julie receives a letter asking Bob Lee to give an official statement into the disappearance of Rick Culp, the prison warden killed by Red Bama Snr. The letter comes from the biggest law firm in Texas, also where the investigation is funded by Red Bama Snr. Julie starts to see that it is all a smokescreen for something more, something deeper Bob Lee is involved in. Later on, Red Bama Snr pays a visit to Sam’s office. Only to find Julie there, and subtly threatens them if they were to continue with this.

The other members of the team find out that the God Box is a piece of tech belonging to a Titan Inc. Harris goes “undercover” to meet with Rebecca, a friend from college, who also happens to work at Titan. After the meet goes sideways, they both escape after being chased by the operative doing ATLAS’ dirty work. Rebecca doesn’t believe the team and leaves, only to be killed by ‘The Operative’. Turns out, the real plan was to get her key card and Nadine would into Titan posing as Rebecca, due to their unlikely  resemblance, turns out Harris has a type.  Inside she leans that the God Box has current locations on the top 3 highest ranking officials in the country, where the VP and Speaker of the House as the next 2 in line of succession for the Presidency.

Nadine tries to leave, the doors are locked and she appears to be made. The team calls in a bomb threat to evacuate the building and get Nadine out, only to be met by ATLAS agents posing as DC police. Nadine sees no other way out and hands herself over to the police, which she thought was a good idea. With the team contemplating a way to break into the fortress that is DC Police HQ, Nadine is taken out by ATLAS agents and put in a black SUV on her way to ATLAS. 

Thoughts on the next episode:

  • With Nadine already captured, where is she now and with who?
  • ATLAS supposedly has the God Box, and with what we saw, do they plan to take down the top 3?
  • ATLAS, in the form of Red Bama Snr, is trying to pin the disappearance of Rick Culp on Bob Lee, what angle is he playing here?
  • What is the team’s next move to take down ATLAS, after this huge setback?

This episode shed light and a truth on the past and death of Earl Swagger, somewhat needed for Bob Lee. With their backs to the wall, what is their next move? And what information would Katherine have to help them, if she’s forthcoming…

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