BelowDeckMed (S04E11) Mo’ Euros Mo’ Problems

On this episode of BelowDeckMed,

Hannah and Conrad have to face the music, aka Captain Sandy’s wrath after their tender interlude.

The whole boat feels the tension in the aftermath of Captain Sandy’s wrath, and Hannah continues to maintain her innocence, while Conrad throws her under the bus.

Or in this case, the tender.

The fighting affects the mood on the boat, even though they’re coming off a great charter with one of the biggest tips to date.

Brooke makes the most of Sandy’s displeasure with Hannah,

and uses the opportunity to show just how good a stew she is.  She also tries to smooth things over with Kasey, who seems to thrive being in the middle of the power struggle between Brooke and Hannah.  At this point, who knows who’s on whom’s side?

Meanwhile, Sandy finally calls Hannah back to the bridge and reams her.

Sandy goes off on Hannah for leaving the boat for five hours after having been down with anxiety for the last day.  She feels Hannah took advantage of her and the crew, and basically left them to rot.

Hannah claimed she was there serving the guests, and Sandy said, “Forget the guests!  Did you think it was right for the chief stew and the bosun to both be gone?”

Forget the guests?  Isn’t that what silver service is all about?  Serving the guests?  I’m a little confused here, Sandy.

I get Sandy’s point.  I really do.  But, she contradicts herself every chance she gets, and seems to have had it out for Hannah since the beginning of the charter season.

Who do you think is right?  What should Hannah have done? Does Sandy have a right to be this pissed or is she this pissed because it was Hannah?

Sandy says to avoid her the rest of the charter, unless it’s about the guests, and after the charter, she’ll deal with Hannah.  That’s not good.

The rest of the charter goes well, and the crew gets the biggest tip to date, and Kenny says Adam has redeemed himself from Oniongate last season.

So does this mean we don’t have to hear Adam whine about service or what an experienced staff will do ever again?

The crew go out, and the shit really hits the fan as Conrad asks Hannah for 50 Euros for a carton of cigarettes.  She gets pissed, and starts questioning whether she needs to be with someone that tightfisted, and he basically calls her a gold digger.

Hannah looses it, and World War 3 breaks out.

Joao and Kasey have a go at it, because he heard she’d told Brooke to be careful about him.  Fitting, though, considering the only girl he hasn’t hit on is the one he hates.

Joao comes on strong, and is the epitome of a predator.  If a woman doesn’t like him, she’s the devil, and there’s something wrong with her.  Run fast, and run long Kasey.  Looks like you where the smart one in that relationship.

What did you think about this episode?  Is Hannah through?  Do you think she’ll be back next season?  Is Brooke just being a good chief stew or is she trying to get Hannah’s job?  Was Conrad throwing her under the bus, saving himself, or both?  Do you think she’s being a gold digger?  Why did Sandy hire Hannah back?  Do you think she had it out for her and this was her revenge season?  Let me know what you think in the comments.