Preacher (S03E06) “Les Enfants du Sang”

The mayhem continues on the latest episode of Preacher. This episode decided to compile 4 different storylines into one cohesive piece of entertainment. If you dared blink, you would miss some significant calamity. Every situation is dire, but that won’t stop any of these beloved characters from fighting. Some quite literally going to through hell and back.

Eugene (Ian Colletti) makes his return, after learning the home he once loved has been decimated, losing everything makes him question his very existence. His hellish journey has brought him to a place of undeniable heartbreak. The creators of this series have one twisted sense of humor, that lands our dear Arseface in an orphanage, only to be “adopted” by The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish), himself. I smell a sitcom.

preachers03e062 - Preacher (S03E06) “Les Enfants du Sang”
Eugene has seen better days. (Google)

In Angelville, not all is right. With Gran’ma’s (Betty Buckley) life hanging in the delicate balance of things, they must feed her, in order to give Tulip (Ruth Negga) a fighting chance. An intricate plan evolves, and for once everyone seems to be on the same page. They need souls, a lot of them. The town’s small bank just happens to have an abundance of them, thanks to Sabina.

Cassidy’s (Joseph Gilgun) miraculous escape from The Grail, aided by the “children of the night”, seems too good to be true. Their leader, Eccarius (Adam Croasdell) just may hold the cure to his misery, unlocking untapped potential and opening his eyes to the power he can possess. If only Cassidy didn’t hold an aversion to turning, poor, lost souls. This could be his new tribe, if only he gives it a chance. Afterall, eternity is a lonely place.

The honorable “All Father” (Jonny Coye), pays Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) a surprise visit. When someone causes intimidation in such a strong character as Herr, there is much to be feared. The apocalypse is upon them, fire will pave the way for new life. If I’ve learned anything from this series, you don’t want to be on the wrong side when the sky starts falling.

preachers03e063 - Preacher (S03E06) “Les Enfants du Sang”
The all knowing, all seeing, All Father. (Google)

In past episodes, all well-laid plans seem to go haywire. This time proves to be different. It certainly comes as a surprise when the bank robbery works in their favor, as does Jesse’s (Dominic Cooper) portrayal of losing his beloved, causing him to gain a bit of trust in Sabina (Prema Cruz). There are moments in the episode where you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never seems to come. Jesse needs to pay his debt in full, but it’s not going to be easy.

With the competition officially out of the way, Gran’ma has a smooth road paved before her. She will get what she deserves before it’s all said and done. Tulip, will never back down, almost certain death awaits them.

The lesson of this episode? Don’t get between TC (Colin Cunningham) and his precious goats.

A new episode of preacher airs sunday, august 5 on amc at 10/9c