UnREAL (S04E04) “Cold Call”

We are half way through the final season! Boy oh boy is UnREAL going out with a bang. Catch up on the episode below, and as always, beware of spoilers!

Holy Hell. Once again the team has taken things too far. Alexi (Alex Sparrow) isn’t the greatest person, but he doesn’t deserve to have a serious, career threatening accident. I’m not surprised considering the show’s past, but this was very out in the open. This seasons production team is a perfect storm of chaos and that makes me feel so bad for the contestants. At the same time, they knew what they were signing up for to some extent. It’s monstrous to mess with someone’s sobriety, and even more so to end someone’s career for a bit of drama. Let’s not forget about the other heinous storyline this season; Maya (Natasha Wilson) and Roger (Tom Brittney).

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Image: Recap Guide

I cringed when it was introduced in episode 1, but Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) manipulations only deepen as each episode progresses. Poor Maya is lulled into a false sense of security with her handler; trusting Rachel to protect her from Roger. Unfortunately Rachel is doing the exact opposite, with it all peaking this episode. My heart absolutely broke when Maya cried. She shouldn’t have stayed. She must have been so panicked, it’s easy to understand why she wouldn’t be thinking clearly. This was such a low blow, and as a whole the episode was a little hard to watch. It was startling to see them both brought back in the first place, but new Rachel is a bit insane.