Kelly AuCoin: A Dollar Bill and change

Kelly AuCoin


img 2800 final orig - Kelly AuCoin: A Dollar Bill and change
Credit: Kai York

I’m from the great state of Oregon, and remain completely in love with it. I am a RABID Portland Trail Blazers fan. And still wince when someone mentions Sam Bowie or Greg Oden.

A few years ago (too many for my liking) I graduated from Oberlin College, which I adored. While I was there I met some of the most creative, driven, engaged (and engaging) human people I’ve ever known. I grew up in a family that believed in justice and activism, and that we had a responsibility to try to make the world a better place, and at Oberlin, I found a like-minded community. Most importantly, though, that is where I met my ridiculously talented and awesome wife. She’s a pretty humble person, but since she may never read this, I can brag on her a little bit and just mention that, some years ago, she won a NY Dance & Performance “Bessie” Award for outstanding creative achievement in modern dance. She is, as that award might suggest, a dancer. And a pretty damn good one. She’s also a historical marine ecologist, which is just such an annoying cliche move for a dancer…

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