Salvation (S02E06) “Let the Chips Fall”

what now Mr president?

Salvation has eventually tied up all the loose ends and point everything in one direction, the unknown entity Claire (Erica Luttrell) and Bennet (Sasha Roiz) were working for. Who are they? They sabotaged the Hangar during the nuclear launches, poisoned the sitting president and finally murdered Madam President Mackenzie (Tovah Feldshuh). Who are they and what do they want? Bennet said that this was only the beginning, the beginning of what… So I ask again, ‘What now Mr President?’

We have come a long way from where Season 2 started. Liam (Charlie Rowe) is now a member of ReSyst and involved with Alycia (Melia Kreiling). Although it seems she is hiding something from him, something he won’t like, but she’s torn as her feelings for him seem genuine. Liam, he wants to play both sides. He wants to show Darius do this without him, but when rebelling isn’t as he sees fit, he fights back.  He asked Alycia to propose a collaboration with Darius’ railgun since both plans were on the rails, despite Alycia’s objections, he continued. ReSyst approved the plan, but on their terms: the US government had to turn over the railgun project or else they will face one of the nukes landing on New York. Liam and the other scientists have a standoff with Alycia and the armed guards after Liam tells them this. It ended with Alycia lowering the guards’ guns and walking away.

Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) and Alonzo (Ashley Thomas) are developing a more trusting relationship, even though he doesn’t know that Grace shot his sister. He shows an encrypted drive with the same symbol as the one found in the neck of the apparent suicide at the hanger. Every incorrect password attempt doubles the time to the next. With no one being able to crack it, they try again and succeed. Turns out it is a bitcoin account. This account has transactions that link up with murders of people finding out about them. They see a new transaction, roughly $500,000 for a kill. Quickly, Harris (Ian Anthony Dale) heads to Bennet to make a deal to find out more. Only to find him dead. 

Reviewing the footage, the kill seems somewhat supernatural. Darius mentions how a microdrone could have done this, made the kill. Harris objects to the rally seeing it as a security risk, but President Mackenzie brushes it off.  Further, Darius finds out that Grace and Harris have been covering up the murder of Claire, by Grace’s hand. Unbeknownst to her, her father Hugh (Mark Moses) is turning himself in for Claire’s murder. A fatherly act to protect his daughter. What will this lead to?

With the suspicion that the payment was for the murder of Bennet, but not a fact. Who is the target?

After a successful rally portraying unity and strength, suddenly everything changes. Darius wipes something off his cheek, a speck of blood. He looks over to find Madam President Mackenzie bleeding out from a bullet wound at centre mass, but how was this possible. Darius doesn’t want to leave, he refuses, until the Secret Service says “… it’s not safe here, you have to leave Mr President.” And it hits him, he is now the President, even though hours earlier he was planning to resign. What now Mr President.

Thoughts on the next episode:

  • With Darius now the President, how will he avenge Mackenzie’s senseless death?
  • Who is notorious shadow organization, will they make themselves known? Are they linked to ReSyst?
  • Who is this new ‘cult-like’ group Jillian (Jacqueline Byers) has joined, what is their role in everything?

This episode successful linked all previous questions we had, however, it left us wondering who is the new player ordering hits on people.

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