Reverie (S01E09) “The Key”


The unstable world that Mara (Sarah Shahi) has been hiding from, has collided with her experience’s in Onira Tech and the Reverie’s she has been privy to. Crisis levels are high, so are the emotions that come with tragedy. One can only run from their demons for so long. The program is there to help, even when you don’t want it to.

The story has come so far, yet in this episode, the characters are at a standstill. Mara has become an invaluable part of the team, and without her, they never would’ve been able to reconnect to so many lost souls. The price has been high on Mara’s end, enduring memories and emotions she has kept buried for years. Could taking out the implant dispel all the complications? Perhaps it runs deeper than that.

Reveries01e091 - Reverie (S01E09) “The Key”
Oliver, staying one step ahead of them. (Screen Capture)

Oliver (Jon Fletcher) has expertly implanted himself into a Reverie, making sure to draw the attention of the right people. Little do they know, he has them right where he want’s them. Not only is he one step ahead of the unsuspecting team, they never stood a chance against his dominating intentions. Preying on emotions and happier times, he is able to coax Alexis (Jessica Lu) into his world. He gains the upper hand, without even lifting a finger.

Mara is in danger of losing not only her sanity but everything she thought she believed in. Paul (Sendhil Ramamurthy), who refuses to give up on the dire situation, is a person of comfort and a possible solution. Instead of running away from her deep-seated fears, Mara must run towards them, to confront them. Things are never quite as they seem, Charlie (Dennis Haysbert) begrudgingly points this out to a devastated Mara.

Reveries01e0912 - Reverie (S01E09) “The Key”
Charlie. The voice of reason and protector. (Screen Capture)

The tables are soon to be turned, and the team will soon fall victim to Oliver’s sadistic plans. He is nearly untouchable, but they will do, what they do best. Think outside the box. There is going to be conflict, but that’s what makes the series so interesting. They can’t come out on top all the time.

There is so much depth and feeling to each episode that the creators have brought to this series. It’s easy to connect to the characters and empathize with their unique experiences. They have all suffered some sort of significant loss, bringing them closer together, and driving the storyline home. Next week is the season finale, and 10 episodes aren’t nearly enough.

The Season Finale of Reverie airs Wednesday, August 8 on NBC at 10/9c


Photos: Screen Captures by Author of Review.