The Bold Type (S02E09) “Trippin”

Hello everyone! After one of the funniest episode we saw this season, seems like we have to talk a liitle about what had happened in our trio’s lifes. You know, sometimes when you need to think something through, you got a few options. First – to be reasonable. Second – to get drunk. Third – to go for a ride, simply make some trip to get away from your daily turn of things. Or to try it all at the same time. That’s what one of our girls did in this episode!

Jane still struggled with her fertility plan and whether or not she should start to think about having kids. She thought about all the things she’d like to do and she’s not supposed to do anymore as an adult. Or about things she’d like to experience before she become a mother. That brought her to the idea of spending a day without worrying about her future. Spending a day by doing all the fun things, without any worries on her mind. And of course she did that experience to write an article about it – if not, would she still be a writer she is? And what did she do with that? She bumped into the Pinstripe guy in the Scarlet elevator. She decided to grab some beer with him. Beer has suddenly turned out to be drinks. She tried to break a world record in fitting the maximum amount of olives in her mouth. Pinstripe also persuaded himself to try with her. Then she visited Scarlet where her friends told her about the plan to hit the road. And so they did. Jane was drunk and acted extremely hilarious all the way. She starved all the way too. And she ate like there’s no tomorrow. She laughed, she sang, she danced on the seat of the car. She made the perfect cover of the ‘Torn’ song at the bar, she danced alone with the game machine. She had a perfect crime planned for Sutton to still from herself. That one was truly amazing! I think she needed this break. She deserved it. It made her to make up her mind and decide to freeze her eggs. Also it made her to simply break away from all the serious things going on. She grabbed a coffee with Ben later and she had a sex in the toilet to try another crazy thing. She lived free again, like she wanted to. But she also had this thought that sometimes Pinstripe gets her more than Ben does, no matter how much Ben tries for her – and let’s be honest, he tries a lot. She bumped into Pinstripe again and he made himself almost completely clear about being serious with her. That she has a huge influence on his life and career, and she stimulate him to write a book instead walking to the bars and looking for rumors to write about for living. And I feel there’s gonna be some complication there. Really, Ryan is gonna turn her world upside down and she’s gonna be confused because of feeling she has for him and her feelings she developed for Ben lately. And I’m pretty sure we’re gonna see what will it lead to in the season finale! Bane or Pinstripe? Nothing’s fine, I’m torn!

Sutton wanted to go to Paris so bad and she found out she needs her birth certificate to get a passport. She even asked Richard for help, but not only he couldn’t help her, she also found out he thinks about moving with his new girlfriend. That meant only one thing. She needed to go to her family house to get this certificate and to think about how the man she loves started to build something new with other woman. The trip she arranged with girls was suppose to be quick and successful, she didn’t plan to talk to her mum at all. She still had a regret for her because of a childhood spend by watching her mother getting drunk and missing all the important things in Sutton’s life for some random guys. She wasn’t the perfect mum I agree but she has changed. And she has changed for her daughter. And because of her. Because she saw her happiness and she wanted to deserve a place in her life. Sutton was very cautious with giving her a chance. Actually it was girls who made her give her mum another chance. And that’s beautiful. That they stood by Sutton and made her do the right thing. Sutton’s conversation with her mother was touching. And I’m glad she gave her another try. After all, she’s still her mum. And she’ll always be.

Kat found out about an article that linked about Jacquelline being a bad editor. She also found out about her’s plan to turn off the comments on Scarlet page. She tried to talk to Jacquelline about it but it didn’t work. So she turned to Richard with that. Jacquelline wasn’t happy about Kat going behind her back. After that it turned out Kat was right about Jacquelline making bad move with shutting down the comments. But Jacquelline is that kind of person that is able to admit she was wrong and turn for help. And Kat is that kinda person that is open to help when there is need to. During the trip with the girls she met some waitress at the bar and she almost left the bar with her. She also realized that it’s not what she wants, that when something is happening all she thinks about is being with Adena. Adena was concern about response of readers on twitter which was connected with the comments closing. That’s what made Kat realize that she no longer wants to be in this open relationship anymore. And she told Adena that. This conversation was ok, but seemed like there is not everything completely ok between them. But will see what will happen.
What about together scenes? A lot of them, all of them great. I know I am being monotonous with that but that’s a true. Helping Sutton pack for her adventure in Paris where her dreams will come true. Conversations in the car. Spending time in the bar. Supporting Sutton to make a right decision in her family house. And the dancing think. They are amazing! Without a doubt. Loved when they sang ‘New rules’! I sang with them too! See you next week after the finale! I had a feeling it’s gonna be a crazy ride for this trio! And for us, The Bold Type army!

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IMG 20180803 003841 300x300 - The Bold Type (S02E09) “Trippin”Oh, I almost forgot! I love drunk Jane soooo much, she is so me!