Killjoys (S04E03) “Bro-drip”

Ready for the worst Bro trip, ever?  Then get ready for this episode of Killjoys.

The Jacobis brothers are on the road trip from hell while Johnnie heads towards the nearest green pool so he can get his next fix.

If you thought little brothers were annoying before, try turning them into emotionless superbeings with no impulse control.  Sounds pretty hideous, right?

Johnny’s plan is to use D’av’s connection to the green to find the underground pool, which seems to work.  The problem is, the longer Johnny’s connected to the green, the more Hullen he becomes.

The longer he stays Hullen, the more he likes being Hullen, like any addict.  His mind conjures up Dutch, who’s apparition is acting like his conscious.  His connection to her seems to be the last thing keeping him grounded to his old life.

Delle Seyah is in a world of trouble that even she can’t handle, though believe me, she’s tried.

She’s been captured by the prison guards and the head guard wants to induce labor to sell her baby.  If only he knew what he was dealing with here.  Delle Seyah digs into how the company he works for operates, and comes up with a plan to gain her and Bea’s  freedom.   Delle Seyah seems to want to take her along as her new protege.  That should be interesting.

Zip, Pree, and Turin continue their quest to find #TeamAwsomeForce, and Zip and Pree are deputized as their journey takes them into uncharted territory.

The Three Musketters as I call Zeph, Pip, and Pree, find Lucy and try to initialize her to find the boys.  The problem is, she’s been reset.  Zeph remembered about the backdoor Johnny built into Lucy last time Dutch went off on her own, and figured out the new key is a song.  They have to figure it out, or they all die.  Once they do, Pree sings, and brings Lucy back to life.

You heard  that right  Pree’s voice is so smooth it brings ships back to life.

I say we need more of that in the next few episodes.  Let me know in the comments if you agree.

The Three Musketeers find Delle Seyah and serve her warrant, then find Johnnie and D’av in the middle of a knock down, drag out fight.  Just when you think Hullen Johnnie is going to win, who do you think shows up in the nick of time?  You guessed it.  Dutch somehow made it out of the green and stunned Johnnie long enough for D’av to subdue him and the gang to arrive and bring them back to Lucy.  The only thing is, when Dutch left the green, it turned into an ice pond when she left.  What could that mean?  I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Let me know what you thought of this episode of Killjoys.  What was the biggest takeaway for you?  There was sooo much going on, it was hard to keep up with it all, but in a good way.  Do you think all the green is frozen, or just that one source?  If it is, does that mean the Lady is dead?  Did Dutch defeat her?  What do you guys think?